Manual Bank account with no web connection blocks import of QFX file

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In Mac 2020, I am trying to create a Pack & Brokerage Account with no identified Bank or connection by using the Option Enter Transaction Manually. This goes well and account closes an opens account as "Change 2".  I rename account and try to import a QFX file. I get error message CC-885, Web connection is missing.

What gives?


  • clloyd
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    In Mac Starter 2020, How to I set up an account for manual entries and importing QFX files with no web connection?
  • NotACPA
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    "manual entries"and "importing QFX files" is an oxymoron.  If you're importing... it's NOT manual.
    So, please clarify what you're trying to do.
    And, all Q accounts can have manual input,  unless your Starter Edition subscription has expired which case the entire account becomes "Read Only".
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    Importing a QFX file is part of Quicken's connectivity services. Quicken "phones home" to verify the identity of the financial institution -- and their participation with Quicken. There are also back-end server-based services which take place when files are imported, to standardize Payee names and auto-categorize transactions.

    In any case, whether it makes sense to you or not, you need to connect the account in Quicken in order to import a QFX file. If you don't connect the account, if the financial institution doesn't participate, or if you don't have an active subscription, you can't import transactions via a QFX file. Since Starter Edition doesn't allow any entries without an active subscription, it seems you have a subscription, so the only issue should be whether your financial institution(s) participate with Quicken.
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  • Ps56k2
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    If your bank has no contractual agreement with Quicken for online services -
    where or how did you get a QFX file ?
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    Asking the wrong question.
    When I set up the account and you come to the Bank info window on the lower right there is an options button. Clint this button and you can choose "Enter transactions manually (nothing will be downloaded)
    Add transactions to this account by hand. You can try to set up transaction download some other time.
    My bank does not connect to Quicken for business accounts and only downloads to Quickbooks. I download a CSV file and convert this file to a QFX file with a 3rd party program. Has worked well for another account for a long time.
  • jacobs
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    Ah, so now you’ve added the key information. You’re trying to get around your bank not working with Quicken, using a third-party CSV to QFX program. If that program doesn’t do it for you, you would need to edit the QFX file to spoof its identification as a valid financial institution. You won’t be able to get details here — this is a site run by Quicken, after all — but if you do some Googling you may find information.
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    clloyd said:
     I download a CSV file and convert this file to a QFX file with a 3rd party program. Has worked well for another account for a long time.
    Sounds like a question for the 3rd party program company.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    clloyd said: Asking the wrong question.  I download a CSV file and convert this file to a QFX file with a 3rd party program. Has worked well for another account for a long time.
    Well duh - I guess the missing puzzle piece has landed....
    Guessing the "another account" may well be with a valid Quicken bank.
    BTW - here is what the Quicken config file looks like for Chase Bank - and which 3 protocols are supported -
    If a bank is not listed in this file, any online QFX download or QFX import will fail...
    Quicken is a biz, and banks must contract with Quicken and pay a fee for Quicken to allow and support online downloading from that "paid" bank.
    Lastly - I have requested both of your postings on this same topic be merged....
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