Home loan and how to show interest, escrow, etc

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Home Loan-how to show interest, escrow, extra payments, etc


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    You need to:
    1) NOT enable the loan account for download.  Doing such will ONLY download the principal payments, and none of the other components.
    2) Use the LOAN WIZARD to set up your payments.  It will properly assign the Principal portion, Interest, Escrow, etc.
    For option 2, you'll also need to set up an Asset type Escrow account.
    The various split components of your payment will appear in your checking account transaction that makes the payment.

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    The withdrawal from my escrow account shows as an insurance expense for the month which has negative effect on monthly cash flow. I have an escrow account under savings. How do I correct the entry?

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    Hello @dtgardner,

    This is an older post that was originally created back in May of 2021, and is less likely to receive an answer now.

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