Questions about Quicken Home and Business

I have a few questions about Quicken Home and Business to help me decide if it is the right product for me:

1. Does it include P&L and Balance Sheet reports?
2. When enabling the online access, what specifically can be done from online from the Business part of the program? For example can I create invoices online?
3. Is the to the online portal automatic or manual?
4. If I have it installed on 2 computers in my household, how does the actual data file work? is it only installed on one of the computers or do they somehow sync between them?

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  • splasher
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    #4 The data is kept in a file and you would have to move the latest version of the file back and forth between the computers.  Working with it on a shared or network is not endorsed by Quicken as it might cause data file corruption and that includes using OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

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    thank for for help with that one spasher!
  • jacobs
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    But if you find that using the web interface for entering or checking data is sufficient for the second computer, you might find that easier than moving the data file back and forth between the two computers. This "Quicken Cloud" browser interface (and/or the free Quicken mobile app) sync data with your desktop data file, which remains the storehouse for all your data. Some people avoid using the Quicken Cloud/web interface because it seems more prone to problems syncing with the desktop data, but other use it very successfully. 

    (Sorry, I'm a Quicken Mac user, so I can't answer the questions about the Home & Business functionality, which exist only on Quicken Windows.)
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  • Chris_QPW
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    I don't use Home and Business, but I know enough that it does have a P&L, don't know about the balance sheet.

    Also if using the mobile/web apps, they are very limited, and have zero business functions.  All business functions would have to be done on the Desktop.

    The syncing between the Desktop and the "Quicken cloud data set" is by selecting it either when you run One Step Update to get your transactions or with a separate button.  The Mobile/Web app are basically the GUIs that view the data in the "Quicken cloud data set".  What is synced to here starts with 2 years of transactions, and your budget, categories and such.

    Note Home and Business has invoices, but like I said you can only create them on the Desktop.
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  • NotACPA
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    H&B does have a Balance Sheet for business accounts ... which are accounts that have a Sched C, Sched E or Sched F tax line assigned to them.

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