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Anyone know if Quicken has any plans to support downloading transactions from Empower Retirement 401k? I think they acquired the Mass Mutual 401K business. According to Empower Retirement this is something Quicken must develop not them.


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    That is a question you need to ask of the Empower Retirement folks as it is their decision whether to support Quicken or not. 
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    All investment accounts have to be downloaded using the OFX protocol, what is called Direct Connect in Quicken.  For this to happen the financial institution has to have a OFX server.  So right there the financial institutions answer is wrong.

    Quicken Inc doesn't actually directly work with the financial institution to set this up either.  Quicken Inc pays Intuit to work with the financial institution to help them setup an OFX server and to get the information to contact it put into the file that is used by Quicken to know how to contact it.

    The normal process would be your financial institution getting in contact with Intuit/Quicken Inc to start the process of getting this setup.  You can't directly contact Intuit on such matters, but you can contact Quicken Inc support.  But be aware of the fact that they will probably tell you that you need to push the financial institution to start the process.
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