Is there a maximum number of allowable Tags in Deluxe

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Is there a maximum number of tags I can create

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  • Jim_Harman
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    According to the Help (search for "limits"), it is 32,768, but I doubt anyone has ever tested that. 

    Would you care to share what the application is for a large number of tags? There may be a better way to do it.
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  • elcook5885
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    Thank you, I am a new user, just getting started.
  • Jim_Harman
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    OK, usually Tags are used to provide a flexible way to select transactions for reporting, separate from Accounts, Categories, Payees, date ranges, etc.

    For example, I often travel to Denver, Florida, Maine, and other places, and I have created a Tag for each place. When entering expenses, if the expense is related to a trip to Denver, I select the Denver tag.

    If I want to know all the costs associated with a trip to Denver, I can set up a report with the approximate date range for the trip and the Denver tag, and the report will show just those expenses.
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  • Ps56k2
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    just to add....   usually transactions are entered using a specifc Category -
    so you can bring up a Report and see for example your Banking -->  Spending by Category report.
    If you would like to slice that Category in more detail - you can create and add a Tag to the entry....
    We travel to California - and things like Airfare, Lodging, Rental car, Fuel, etc are all entered with a Category.
    BUT - I then enter a TAG for each trip with a name for that specific trip.... 

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  • Tom Young
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    Tags can be useful but I wouldn't advise making them an "ever day/every transaction" item.  The reason for that is that the program just doesn't control tags in the same fashion that it controls Categories, SubCategories, SubSubCategories, etc. 
    Quicken tries to make sure that every transaction has a Category or Categories attached to it and will notify you if one doesn't.  And if you go to use some SubCategory you have to have that SubCategory "associated" with the Category above it before you can use it.  If you start to type in a Category that has SubCategories attached to it you get a menu drop down that shows all the SubCategories attached to that Category.  You can click any available SubCategory, and the categorization of the transaction is complete with one click.
    On the other hand Tags are basically not controlled at all.  You can use them, not use them, or attach an inappropriate tag to  any transaction at all.  The process here is more ad hoc and it's drop-dead easy to make a mistake with tags. 
  • volvogirl
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    There are Categories and Sub-Categories and Tags. You use a colon in front of a sub-category.  The forward slash / designates a Tag  or there is also a TAG column.  

    Example of Sub-Category….
    Auto:Auto Fuel

    Example of Tags…
    Auto Fuel/Toyota
    Auto Fuel/Ford

    I have a home business and  use Tags for each job.  Then when I run a report I can sort it by job.  So an expense entry might look like this…
    Business Expense:Supplies/Maple Street

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