How do I stop getting a message that stock splits are missing when none are missing?

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I get this message every time I update Quicken. I have tried accepting the split, no change. I also have problems with updates for American Express and adding/updating Synchrony Bank. This has been going for some time now.

When is Quicken going to fix all of these problems?


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    AFAIK, you may be getting this message if Quicken can't find a "Stock Split" transaction for that stock on the indicated date. If you recorded a stock split on a different date, edit the transaction to use the correct date.
    If you recorded (or downloaded) an "Add Shares" transaction instead, replace it with a Stock Split transaction.
    Be sure to have or create a backup of your data file before you start working on it ... just in case ...
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    The stock split is on PFE with a 06/24/2013 date. The date and split are incorrect. PFE did have a 1 for 1 split on that date.

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    Hmmm ... according to there was no stock split on 6/24/13
    Have you looked to see if there are any bad records in your PFE Price History records?
    Or any register transactions dated on or about 6/24/13 for PFE?
    Any Placeholder Transactions, perhaps?

    If you haven't done so already, I'd say it's time to call Quicken Support on the phone and request help.  Let them do a screen share session with you to review the situation on your computer, to determine the nature of the problem and to figure out how to fix it. I have no idea what should be done to clear this up.

    Quicken Support:

    • The phone number can be found at the support website.
    • If you are eligible for Premium Support (purchased separately or included as part of your subscription to Quicken 2018+ Premier or HB&R) call the number that can be found at the top of your My Account page at  (US) or (Canada) next to "Quicken Premium Support"  when you log in with your Quicken ID.
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    • Unlike other so-called "Quicken support providers", the real Quicken Support is free for all currently supported versions.

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    And, a 1:1 split makes no sense.  That's no split at all, as you end up with the exact same number of shares that you started with.
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    On 6/24/2013 Pfizer spun off Zoetis.  There were two transactions needed to record the spin off:  The actual spin off transaction and a reverse split transaction.  You can read more about it at

    (QW Premier Subscription: R49.29 on Windows 11)

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    IF your data is otherwise correct, I would be inclined to accept the offered 1:1 split. Then IF that generated an unnecessary StkSplt transaction, I’d delete that transaction.  
    I suspect accepting the offer will keep the repeat of the offer away even though the obvious effect of the acceptance (the transaction) is no longer present. 
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    Thanks to everyone for your information, advice and possible solutions.
    The 06/24/2013 transaction was not a PFE stock split but am offer to exchange PFE for ZTS. I did not accept the offer so the stock split is not needed.
    I am trying the solutions offered but have found a work around. By unchecking Online Services on Update, I no longer get the stock split. I tried accepting the 1:1 stock split but I got the same Missing Stock Split message the following day.
    Thanks Again!!!