Conversion Subscription MAC to PC question. I export the file in MAC as directed.

:( I create a new file in PC version, then File Import the QXF file. The software has trouble opening the file????


  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @Rod Drumm,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    First, could you please provide which version of Quicken Windows you have currently running?
    • Help > About Quicken

    Also, could you please provide the exact error message you receive when attempting to convert/open the file and/or provide a screenshot of the message you receive?

    If needed, please refer to this Community FAQ for instructions on how to attach a screenshot. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop a screenshot to your response if you are not given the option to add attachments.

    Please check back and let us know! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
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    Hello @Rod Drumm,

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having difficulties with converting your file(s). To better assist you I need more information. For instance, what error codes/messages are you getting? What version(s) of Quicken are you using? Be sure to include both Mac and PC versions. 

    For instructions on attaching a screenshot click here. Please note that you may have to drag the image file into the response box. 

    To check the version being used for Mac select Quicken >About Quicken. To check the version being used for Windows select Help >About Quicken. 

    Additionally, I have attached an FAQ article for further instruction on converting your data file from Mac to PC. Click here

    Once more information is provided we can move forward in diagnosing this issue. 

    -Quicken Paloma. 
  • Rod Drumm
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    edited July 2021
    I have attached the about quicken screen from the Apple Version in imaGE below.
    The PC Version, Rlse R33.24

    [Edited/Removed- Image w/Personal Info]
  • Chris_QPW
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    Have you followed the article that @Quicken Paloma gave, as in this section:

    If so exactly what errors/messages are you getting?

    Please note you can expect lots of errors if you have investment accounts in your Quicken Mac file since Quicken Windows doesn't import investment transactions from the .QXF file.
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    Rod Drumm said:  The software has trouble opening the file????
    what does that mean.... what is happening ...?

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

  • Rod Drumm
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    I receive a small error window 'Import Failed'
  • Chris_QPW
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    Doesn't prompt you to open a log file before you get that error message?
    That might have some clues of what is going on.
    You should also be able to get that log file by going to Help -> Log Files... -> .QXF File Import Results

    I think though it might be best to contact Quicken support, and have them screen share with you to see if they can see anything obvious.
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