how to sync my payees list on mobile app?

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after the most recent update to 6.3.2 my payees list on the mobile app includes ones that I long ago deleted. The web version of quicken for Mac on my MacBook has the correct payees list. I have done a reset in Preferences, and the problem persists. In addition, my investment accounts no longer show up on the mobile app. Again, I've checked settings in Preferences and the accounts are checked there. Another anomaly: I have two iPhones, one of which the quicken app repeatedly crashes every time I click on one of my accounts, or I click on Recent Transactions. On the other iPhone it works just fine. Both iPhones have the same problem with payees list anomaly mentioned above. Suggestions for a fix?


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    Hello @gb2094,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    Since it sounds like you have already tried performing a cloud reset, next, I suggest that you try manually resetting the cloud account instead.

    To do this, first, save a backup (just in case). Sign out of the mobile and/or web apps. Then, follow the instructions provided below to remove the cloud account from your main data file.
    1. On your desktop program - navigate to the Quicken dropdown menu
    2. Preferences
    3. Mobile, Sync & Alerts and turn sync Off
    4. Close Preferences
    5. Open a different data file, or if you don't have a second data file to open, then create a temporary new data file (click here to view instructions under To create a new data file).
    6. Once you've opened a different data file, navigate back to Quicken
    7. Preferences
    8. Connected Services
    9. Click on See all cloud accounts 
    10. Select the cloud account name from your original file
    11. Click the minus-sign (-) in the bottom left corner
    12. On the pop-up screen, click Delete Cloud Account
    13. Switch back to your original data file (click here to view instructions, scroll down to Switching between data files)
    14. Once you've returned to your original data file, navigate back to Quicken
    15. Preferences
    16. Mobile, Sync & Alerts and turn sync back on
    17. On the same screen; click on the Accounts tab and select/deselect your desired accounts
    18. Click on Update in the bottom-right corner to initiate a new cloud sync
    Once the sync completes, sign back in on your Quicken Mobile app to check and see if this resolved the issue. You can then also delete the new file you previously created as well as its cloud account (if applicable).

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Anja
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    Thank you for the suggestion. There is one thing in the process not mentioned above, and that's the message one gets when attempting to re-sync the acct after doing all the preceding steps: "there is no cloud account". So, it's worth adding a note to your very good instructions that quicken will ask you to create a cloud account, otherwise...there's nothing to sync to.

    Here's the result I got when I did as instructed.
    -It took quite some time to reload the acct data once I had completed the steps outlined above and signed back into the mobile app; perhaps about 25 minutes loading.
    In any case, having completed the entire process, and signing in, I checked the issues I had before I contacted the quicken community. Those issues are as follows:

    1) Only when using the mobile app on my iPhone 12 mini, but not when using my iPhone 6s, if I click on one specific of my accounts, or if I click on Recent Transactions, the mobile app immediately closes, crashes.

    2) the sudden appearance of a slew of old payees, long since deleted from my payees list (only on the mobile app), occurs on the mobile app on both iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 6s...only since I updated to quicken 6.3.2

    -Both issues remain unchanged, unremedied. So, to date, I've tried the Reset link withiin quicken preference setting, and did the manual Reset according to you instructions, but the problem remains.

    The Quicken mobile app on iPhone 12 mini, is the origin of the problem #1 above. As I mentioned, the mobile app on my iPhone 6s never experienced problem #1, and updating to the new quicken 6.3.2 seems to have been the catalyst for problem #2.

    What next? This is perverse.
  • gb2094
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    given the persistence of the issue, quicken's inability to solve it in their customer service, it would at least be helpful to know how to delete the outdated payees from my payee list on the mobile app. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this on the app, which is itself an inconvenient feature, and the question is..."why not?" when I talked to customer support, the agent gave me a link to see my account on the web, but I do not have that link. Is it possible that I can use that link to access my mobile account and do payee list edits there?
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    gb2094 said:
    when I talked to customer support, the agent gave me a link to see my account on the web, but I do not have that link. Is it possible that I can use that link to access my mobile account and do payee list edits there?
    Unfortunately, no. The Payee List can only be accessed through the main DeskTop application (Windows > Payees & Rules). Currently, the Quicken Mobile app does offer the ability to view and edit Renaming Rules. However, neither the Quicken Mobile app nor the Quicken on the Web app offers the ability to access nor edit the Payee List. 

    If you wish to request this feature to be added to the Quicken Mobile and/or Web app(s) in the future, what you can do is create an idea post. This way other users who have the same or a similar request can vote on your idea.

    Our Development and Product teams frequently use our idea posts in order to improve Quicken and implement new features requested by customers. 

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, though I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Anja
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  • gb2094
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    Thank you again. I’ll post the idea as you suggested. Here’s how I resolved the situation. Since the reset didn’t fix the problem of the app crashing when I clicked the one account.
    Using the MacBook app, first I made sure I had a backup of the file, then duplicated the file, and renamed the duplicate.
    1) Create a new account manually in the new file.
    2) Open the original account, highlight all the transactions, then drag and drop them in the new account.
    3) delete the original acct

    Apparently the original account was damaged. I opened quicken mobile app, selected the new file, clicked the new account, and it opened without issue.

    The problem with the Recent Transactions pane in the dashboard on the mobile app did not resolve. When I clicked on that pane the app crashed. I simply eliminated that pane from my dashboard.
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