Add etrade stock plan (ESPP & RSU)

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I am new to quicken and am trying to import all my banks' data. I was able to set up my Bank of America accounts and also managed to manually import the data from my Apple Card (I think auto update is not available there yet?).

I tried logging in to etrade and was presented with a bunch of different etrade banks. I finally was able to log in with the etrade quicken login (not sure how that's different from the other etrade accounts). However it only shows my brokerage account and added that. I am unable to add my ESPP & RSU account that is under the same login. It just doesn't seem to list it.

I also seem to be unable to find any way to manually download and then add that data into quicken. How would I add that data to Quicken, at least the money that's already vested and sellable by me?



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    (Deleted comment because it was appropriate for Quicken Windows but not Quicken Mac.)
    (QW Premier Subscription: R36.45 on Windows 10)