How do I get Quicken to stop autofilling the categories on my Schwab Bank downloads?

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When Quicken downloads my Schwab Bank account info, it autofills the Category column. Obviously that is an issue, since most of the time it is wrong anyway. How do I turn it off?


  • Jim_Harman
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    There are a few possibilities:
    Sometimes, usually with credit or debit card transactions, Quicken will guess a Category based on the Payee name. You can override this with a Renaming rule or disable it at Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions > Automatically Categorize transactions.

    Or, if you have a Memorized transaction that matches the Payee, Quicken will assign the Category it finds there. I have this problem for example with Amazon transactions, because they use several different categories.
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    Thank you, Jim! That makes you Santa Claus! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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