What can be done about the new formatting error in the Category Summary by Month Report (Q Mac)

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I am running MacOS version 12.0.1, and upgraded to Quicken software version 6.5.1 on Dec 29th. After the successful update, I ran and tried to use the Category Summary by Month Report. I have used this report for months, but now there is a serious formatting issue with this specific report.
ISSUE: When the report is first displayed, the Date/Totals column settings are identical to the respective data columns -- which they should be. HOWEVER, when you scroll in any direction, the link between Date/Totals, and Data is broken. The result is the data column widths become smaller so the data is no longer displayed directly under the correct Date/Totals Column. For example, the data for November is displayed under December, December data is under the Total Column, and the Total Data is displayed under a blank column. This is worst case and really confusing but even March data is displayed under the April data.

I reported this on Dec 29th to Customer Support (Ticket ID 9101179) which was closed after I was told to replace the datafile from one from before the Software Update was installed. At that time all looked okay, but a little later after the Ticket was closed, the same issue reappeared.

SUMMARY, what can I do to correct this formatting issue? I really don't want to have to print the report, put it together and then link data to dates on the paper every time I try to use this report.


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