Fidelity 401K cash balance duplicating my worth

Using Quicken Deluxe Window 10 Home, my Fidelity NetBenefits 401K accounts are both showing a "cash balance" that equals the balance - effectively showing me a doubled account balance. Is there a way to fix/adjust this? I can't see how to delete or 0 out the cash balance.


  • Jim_Harman
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    When securities are bought in the NetBenefits account, what type of transaction do you see in the transaction list (register)?

    It should be a Bought, which will use up the cash balance to purchase the securities.

    If it is Added, the securities are added to your account but the cash balance does not get used up. You should edit the transaction to be a Bought with the correct purchase price.

    Also you might see BoughtX. In this case, you should edit the transaction to Bought, with "From this account's cash balance" chosen as the cash source. 
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  • Chris_QPW
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     Note some 401K accounts get a "special setup" where they use a BoughtX to the same 401K account to adjust the cash balance, which means that if the user is also transferring the same amount through a paycheck reminder, it is going to double the cash amount in the 401K account.

    In these cases, one can change the BoughtX to Buy, but you will have to do it on every buy.
    Another way to deal with this is to change the paycheck reminder so that it puts the contribution into a category to be able to track it, but not transfer it to the 401K account.
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