Option to exclude transfers from "Top Payees" snapshot in new dashboard

I love the new dashboard and its snapshots like "Top Payees." But that said, the utility is a bit kneecapped by the inclusion of transfer payments. At any given time, three of my five "top payees" end up being payments to credit card companies, one ends up being Amazon (so all of those dollars are double counted almost by necessity since they show up in the credit card payment), and one is almost always just reimbursement from an HSA or dependent care FSA. So it /should/ be great, but it ends up being noise because I can't omit transfers between accounts.
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  • thorn5
    thorn5 Member ✭✭✭
    "Top Payees" snapshot is worthless, inaccurate, and does not serve the purpose for which it was intended in its present state if you use split transactions. Quicken developers need to work on this some more.
  • almatav
    almatav Member ✭✭
    > @thorn5 said:
    > if you use split transactions.

    Oh that's interesting, it hadn't occurred to me that there'd be an issue with split transactions too. Like idk, mortgage payments.
  • gyoung345
    gyoung345 Member ✭✭
    Agree, I know my top payees are my own accounts (visa, mc).
  • AlN
    AlN Member
    Of further interest, if you click on the Top Payees header for the widget, you're presented with a Spending by Payee report that doesn't match up to the top payees initially listed--and ignores the transfers that others have mentioned. This needs to be polished a bit more, if this is the direction going forward.
  • JHN
    JHN Member ✭✭
    Adding my voice to this: even after the latest Quicken update (to 6.10.1), my "Top Spending Payees" are ALL transfers.

    I thought, maybe I'm doing it wrong. But if so, I don't know what to put into the Payee field on a transfer. If I leave it blank, then the Top Spending Payees just aggregates all the stuff I left with a blank Payee into one huge "payee" in the Top Spending Payees box.

    The online help is not helpful on this; it does not, in particular, provide any example of what a "correct" transfer is supposed to look like (in general, lack of examples is a weakness of Quicken online help).

    And if I AM doing this right, then the Top Spending Payee box does not address any question that I'm actually interested in (or at least, looking at my top transfers was not a top priority for me).
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    @JHN for what it worth, this is a Windows thread, but I do believe that both the new Dashboard in Quicken Windows and the one in Quicken Mac have the same flaw.
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  • I guess I found out a way to exclude certain categories from the "Top Spending Payees". In the "Payees & Rules" window (in a Mac version, Window > Payees and Rules, there are check boxes in the "Hidden" column. If you hide it, it won't appear on reports. I just hided all transfers between my accounts, e.g. a VISA payment which is a transfer from my current account to my VISA card account, and now the Top Spending Payees dashboard started to be useful. :smile:
  • deininger
    deininger Member
    Interesting, I tried the suggestion of hiding payees, and it didn't seem to have any effect on my (Mac) Top Spending Payees. I too would like to find a way to exclude transfers from this dashboard tile.