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Quicken Anja
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Good morning, All!
Let's start this Friday off with another monthly Ice Breaker question.

Do you have any "hidden" talents you're proud of that maybe not very many people might know about?

One of mine is that I'm multilingual and speak 9 languages in total.

What's yours? Please share.
Happy Friday! :blush:

-Quicken Anja
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  • DannyB52
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    Wow! 9 languages! Incredible. Let's see, hidden talents... hmmm... well... nope, nothing, can't think of any particularly hidden talents off hand... I'll check with my family and friends to see if they've noticed anything. :smile:
    B) Danny
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  • Good Morning, 

    I don't know if this is considered a hidden talent, but I am extremely good at doing impressions of tv characters. I just have to hear it and then I can replicate almost spot on! 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • BK
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    Mine is has to do with being observant, specific to sight and sound.
    The ability to detect voices, accents, languages and tunes.  I hear a single word on the radio and can tell who it is.  Same with music.  When I hear a spoken foreign language or accent, I can tell what it is (I speak four+).  If I have not heard that language before, I typically guess it correctly or very close.
    And with sight, I can remember what someone wore at a certain event long time ago.  When I look at faces and features, I am able to determine their race and country of origin.  Driving at night on an uncrowded highway, I can tell what car it is by the features of the tail lights far ahead of me or the headlights approaching me from behind.  This game became easy when manufacturers used to install similar headlights on their lines of cars years ago, but now they vary from model to model as well as the intensity/type which has created a good challenge once again.
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  • I'm a beekeeper
  • Quicken Jared
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    Good morning everyone!  B)

    I have begun to think of this as a hidden talent - even though my friends know about it very well - because I play in public so rarely anymore; I can play guitar like Yngwie Malmsteen. After a bit of warmup, I can move through scale patterns in straight 16th notes at around 210 bpm or so (about 13 notes per second, if you round it all out). I could probably move quite a bit faster if I pushed myself, but I definitely like to focus more on other things besides just speed. Still, it can be kind of refreshing and therapeutic to get home from work and just blaze across the fretboard as fast as you can.

    Sounds like everyone here has some impressive abilities!

    @Quicken Jasmine, can you do Frank Reynolds from 'Always Sunny'? I wish I could do stuff like that.

    @BournvilleBeekeepers, hey that's a very admirable gift, like having a green thumb (in more ways than one). Did you learn beekeeping from family or did you get into the field on your own?

    Have a great day everybody!


    Quicken Jared 

  • Frankx
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    I just noticed this thread...

    I am an avid golfer and have four (4) career holes-in-one. My most recent one was last July. 

    And - before any of the smart alecks here in the Community have a chance to ask... - NO, there were no windmills, or hippo mouths involved in any of them...


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