configuring investing transactions columns doesn't work

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I have a few retirement accounts and brokerage accounts. In the transactions window of one retirement account I set up the columns the way I want them. On the bottom of the columns choice preference list there's an item "Apply to All Retirement Accounts" or "Brokerage" accounts. When you click that, a Quicken window opens saying it's applying it to all accounts. But when I scroll down to the next retirement account, the columns are in default mode, not where I just put them in the account above.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
Version 6.6.0 (Build 606.43140.100)
macOS 10.15.7


  • jacobs
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    @20202 I can reproduce this issue, and I agree it is a bug. You should use Help > Report a Problem to document this issue. I will do the same.
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  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello @20202 and @jacobs

    Thank you for contacting the Community, I am sorry that this error is occurring. 

    Please let me know once you have submitted your logs. 

    I look forward to hearing your response. 
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • jacobs
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    @Quicken Jasmine I reported the problem via Report a Problem about 10:16 am (EDT), just prior to my post above. I included a description of how to reproduce the problem, but I did not include any log files there were no online actions performed here; if there's a specific log file which contains data pertinent to this issue, let me know and I can resubmit. 
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    Hello @jacobs,

    Thank you for the response. I have recreated this error in my Quicken and have submitted a bug report over to the development team.

    Unfortunately, we won't have an ETA on this, however, once a solution is created it will be made available as part of a future update release.

    Thank you. 
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Quicken Kathryn
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    Hi all,
    The Mac team is in the process of releasing version 6.6.1, which should resolve this issue.  You should be updated when you open your Mac product.  If the issue persists, please close and re-open Quicken to resolve the issue.

    If you continue to experience this issue after following these steps, please reply here.

    Quicken Kathryn
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