Why can't this error can't be fixed

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Oops something went wrong. [Removed - Disruptive]  If I use VPN or not, how hard can it be to fix this error? A simple login problem and it can't be fixed?? I should have to wait for hours or days for it somehow to resolve itself?


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    It would be helpful if you provide information as to what "error message" you are seeing as well as additional details on your problems.  BTW - we are not Quicken Support - rather we are fellow Quicken users that try to assist other users with problems/issues.  If you want to vent to Quicken, I suggest that you contact Quicken Support via this LINK.


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    I hate to say it, but it may never be fixed.

    You didn't indicate where this error is coming up, so it is impossible to say which "player" is causing the error.  But in a way it doesn't matter.

    The cause is pretty much the same when it comes to a VPN, the server is rejecting the request because of the IP address.

    Personally, given the ease that "bad actors" can fake an IP address I think it isn't a good "security measure" to block things by IP address.  But importunely my opinion doesn't matter.  This has been going on for some time now, where the "security experts" have decided that they should block IP addresses that appear to come from locations that "they don't support".  Like a foreign country.

    Given that you are basically asking the party involved to "ignore their security procedures", which is never going to happen.
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    I edited your OP to remove the unnecessary profanity ... and to give you another chance to reply to the above requests for more info.

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