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Hello everyone,

The month has changed and it is, once again, time for an Ice Breaker. 

Easter is a unique day with a wide variety of festive activities. The fresh Spring air inspires energy and activity. So, this time, I want to ask: what do you do to celebrate Easter during this time of year?

When I was quite a bit younger, I can remember my Dad driving us to my Uncle's house and going on long easter egg hunts in his family's fairly large backyard with my cousins and other extended family. My uncle would buy pounds of candy and hide them in these plastic eggs that would split open and then scatter them all over the yard. Usually, he would tell us how many were hidden and the last couple were always a challenge to find. It seemed like there was always a thunderstorm in the evening, after everyone had been talking on the patio for awhile.

Now, I leave it to you guys. What do you do for Easter? I am excited to hear your Easter traditions.

Happy Tuesday,

Quicken Jared 


  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hey Jared!

    I would say my favorite Easter tradition would have to be decorating the eggs. I remember as a child, it would be very basic with your normal dye and stickers and I had a blast. Now, they have crayons for eggs and stencils and different ways to dye your egg and all sorts of fun things which just makes it that much more fun as you can really deck your egg out and make it super unique!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    Our morning usually starts with forcing the kids awake and getting us all dressed for Sunday morning Easter mass. Once we're all dressed and ready to go, I try to get and keep the kids in the car, while my husband gets their Easter baskets set up and the plastic eggs scattered in the backyard. After church, we have brunch with family, usually at a local restaurant. Then, when we get back home, the kids open their baskets and head into the backyard to do their egg hunt.

    Happy (soon-to-be) Easter! :smile:

    -Quicken Anja
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  • NotACPA
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    My wife is Christian, so she usually spends Easter with her Grandkids about an hour from our home.
    I'm Deist ... so there is no such thing, for me, as Easter.

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  • Frankx
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    Two of our Easter traditions (which go back at least 6 generations) are baking Babka and homemade egg nog. 

    Babka is a Polish sweet bread that can be tricky because yeast can be finicky, but is absolutely delicious!  And we make egg nog from scratch - none of the store bought stuff for us.

    Happy Easter, everyone!


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  • imdcareys
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    I'm a sinner - so on Easter I celebrate God extending forgiveness through the Son of Man.

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