Fidelity Investments Not Downloading Wife's Accounts

dibellarj Windows Beta Beta
For the past three weeks or so, I have been experiencing issues with downloading Fidelity Investment transactions into Quicken. My wife and I each have several brokerage/IRA accounts which I have successfully downloaded transactions into Quicken for years. On 3/29, her accounts stopped downloading. No error message that I can recall. Until then, I was using her separate Fidelity credentials to access her information in the download. I tried deactivating and reactivating the accounts in Quicken. I've tried it using her credentials and my credentials and link the accounts to her existing accounts in Quicken. The process appears successful but no transactions for her account are being downloaded.  The One Step Update Summary shows all nine accounts (hers and mine) as being updated (4/18/22) but no transactions appear for her account even though I know there have been several transactions over the past several weeks.  When I click into the details of the Summary for her account is says Holdings as of 3/29/22 and "no new transactions to review". Any suggestions?