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Roy Van Brunt
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My Accounts Bar is showing a balance there - how do I find out what it is? How to find/and/or delete it


  • Quicken Jasmine
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    edited April 2022
    Hello @Roy Van Brunt,

    Thank you for contacting the Quicken Community with this question. 

    Before I can further assist you, I require some more information. What version of Quicken are you running? You can see this by going to Quicken > About Quicken. Do you have any connected or manual accounts located within your Quicken File? 

    If you don’t mind, could you please provide a screenshot of the error you described? If needed, please refer to this Community FAQ for instructions on how to attach a screenshot. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop screenshots to your response if you are not given the option to add attachments.

    Looking forward to hearing your response.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • jacobs
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    If you're saying that in your left sidebar, you're seeing "Separate Accounts" with a non-zero balance, then click the ">" icon to the left of Separate Accounts. That will reveal all your accounts which have been marked as "separate". Separate accounts are typically those which aren't part of your overall financial picture; examples might include accounts for others, such as an aging parent, a child, or a small non-profit organization.
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