R40.13 - Security transactions from the same day now appear in alphabetical order

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In the most recent release (R40.13), transactions are being put in alphabetical order. How do I change this? I would prefer to see transactions in the order executed. QHBR, Win 10


  • Tom Young
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    I don't think you can change this.  It seems to be some sort of bug that Quicken introduced and will, hopefully, fix.
  • Ps56k2
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    It was an actual FIX / IMPROVEMENT in R40.13 - not an old bug -

    What’s Improved

    • Security transactions from the same day now appear in alphabetical order.

  • jgpeters6019
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    So, now my ShtSell appears before my CvrShrt when I roll a Short Option... It makes no sense because the action field isn't even in order. I just use a single entry for Option trades (ex NKE Put) so sorting by Security really messes me up. I have been using Quicken Windows for 20 years, and this is a poorly thought out change that is imposed & not made optional. Grrrr
  • Jim_Harman
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    There is an Idea post requesting that this be changed back or made an optional setting, and it is currently listed as "Planned."  This is a good sign.

    Once an Idea is listed as Planned, you can no longer vote on it but you can still add comments.
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