The Chase update message causes Quicken to freeze when I try to update accounts

What should I do?


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  • UKR
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    At the bottom of the Chase message there should be both a "Remind me later" (or similar text) checkbox and another clickable action button.
    If the message is too tall to fit on the screen, move the mouse over the right edge of the window to see if there's a vertical scroll bar you can use (or is the screen scrollable with the mouse wheel?)
    Can't scroll? Try changing your system settings to display characters smaller, then see if you can now get to the bottom of the Chase message and get rid of it. Afterwards change your system settings back to normal character size.
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    @UKR As an FYI… On Quicken Mac, on a 13" laptop, the Chase message is too tall to see the "remind me later" checkbox and clickable button. The box doesn't have a scroll bar. And the normal command to reduce screen size (Command-plus) does not affect this window, because Quicken Mac uses that key command to decrease the font size in registers. The problem is that the bottom of the box is obscured by the macOS Dock across the bottom, so the workaround requires switching the Dock temporarily to the left side to make the bottom of the box visible. It's certainly not intuitive. (Temporarily changing the computer's screen resolution is also a possible remedy, if the hardware of the Mac supports it, but I don't recommend it because it can rearrange things on a user's desktop in undesirable ways.)
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  • UKR
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    Thanks, @jacobs , for the update. That's really helpful information.
    As fan of German soccer, I'd count this as three "Eigentore" (own goals) against the Quicken team.
    First they send out a message to all Mac users, even those who do not have Chase accounts.
    Second, they do not make it a "show one-time only" message ("Remind me later" unchecked by default).
    And third, they format the long message in such a way that it doesn't properly adapt itself to the window size, adding a vertical scrollbar when needed.
    Shame on you guys! Who sent this message out without having it properly tested?
  • Joel
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    Maximize the chase reminder window to full screen. (Green Button on left). You will now have access to the remind me later box. This was driving me crazy!
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