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Oops, I'm puzzled. Quicken mentions a mandatory Chase migration for Chase accounts, without explicitly mentioning whether or not this change must be done for accounts with banks other than the Chase. For my part, I don't have any account with the Chase Bank, so I shouldn't do a Chase migration, but it's not clearly stated.
Please clarify!


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    Have you ever had Chase accounts in the past?
    AFAIK, only people who have at least one active (not closed) Chase account will get this notice.
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    Hello @Bernard M,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    This message was sent to everyone, even if you do not have Chase accounts set up. If you don't have any Chase accounts, you can disregard this message and uncheck the "Remind me later" checkbox that should be located on the bottom-left of this message before closing it.

    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
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    :) Thanks ! Merci !
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    I have tried to "upgrade" my Chase connections twice, but had to ditch the file twice and go to a backup. The balances in the accounts were totally screwed up, even if i just deleted all the downloaded transactions.
    You have to somehow do the connection "upgrade" without altering the balances or any transactions. This is a disaster of epic proportions!
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    @broeknjus From what other users have posted, check to see if Quicken has inserted an opening balance adjustment in the account, to adjust to the online balance Chase is sending. Some have found that simply deleting that adjustment transaction brought their account balance back to what it should be.

    (Note that this doesn't address the issue with reconciling Chase accounts which have any pending transactions. Only Chase can fix that permanently by excluding pending transactions from the online balance they send to Quicken; in the meantime, the workaround for now is to reconcile to Statement balance instead of online balance, by looking up your account balance on your account statement or on the Chase website.)
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    any sucesss on a Mac for this migration?
  • ewithers
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    And... just like for BofA a backup is the only way out. Linked to existing account, it downloaded 4517 days of transactions and happily put them in with years of stuff I care about. You can't force me to change connectors when you have the same bug. Why are there no sanity checks on imported data? Why can't you just look at cleared or reconciled entries and reject anything older than that? Why is this the second forced connector update with the exact same issue?
  • ewithers
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    Still a bug but just randomly changed the account opening balance making it seem like it had many transactions that shouldn't have been there (more than 90 days seemed unlikely so I looked before restoring)
  • I just got off the phone with Quicken Support re this issue. I have 25 years of Chase data that is fully reconciled. Before the conversion, I am in balance with the online number. After the conversion, I am out of balance. Support says the workaround is to plug the opening balance. I object. The conversion has bugs that need fixing. Support says that my data may have "degraded over time". This is also nonsense. If the conversion program is finding problems in the data, they need to be reported and fixes offered. If the conversion program has bugs, it is not ready for production. This needs high level attention at Quicken as the deadline is 9/26.
  • Following up my last comment. Today there are no pending transactions in my Chase account. I ran a backup and then ran the conversion. It worked perfectly. Apparently the conversion program/Chase new interface are not agreeing on how to handle pending transactions. Pending transactions are having an effect on the opening balance for some unknown (a bug somewhere) reason. The Quicken tech team needs to look into this.
  • Andrews1434
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    I did my Chase migration. Nothing works now. Chase shows that I have given Quicken access, but no accounts download any transactions. Nothing is working at all.
  • Sportscar
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    I've done the work to reauthorization my chase accounts prior to the 9/26 deadline but can no longer download transactions. I can do a QFX to accomplish but this is a step backwards. Very disappointing. Is the new download process running?