Why can't I use Quicken in split screen mode?

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As the question says, Quicken is not available in split screen. Why?


  • As the question says, Quicken is not available in split screen. Why?
    Hello @tim.rohrer1, 

    I am sorry to hear about these difficulties with using Quicken in split screens. Thank you for inquiring about this here on the Quicken Community. 

    In order to answer your question, we are going to need some additional information about the problem. What steps are you taking to set up your split screen, and what kind of computer are you using? Also, what happens, specifically, when you try to use the program with split screens? Are you receiving any error messages?

    I look forward to your answers. 


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    @tim.rohrer1 Quicken does seems to support Split View. Hover over the green Full Screen button at the upper left of the main Quicken Window, and you should see the split screen options. 

    Select the second or third choice, and it will, indeed split the screen.

    But… unless you have a very large monitor, I'm not sure how useful this is, since Quicken uses a lot of horizontal screen real estate. I don't find it practical to use in Split View mode for this reason. 
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  • tim.rohrer1
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    It turns out you're correct, to a point (I believe). I can put Quicken into split view (Quicken Jared, see @jacobs' steps), but so far I've only found Finder works with it. It doesn't work with Safari or Chrome.

    When I start split view using Quicken, it takes up about 3/4 of the screen, which is indeed too much.

    I'd like to see even split possible, and use with a browser.
  • tim.rohrer1
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    In doing some additional experimentation, on a large (4K) screen, it does appear to work with a browser. I do have to resize the window to get it to display correctly.

    Before resizing (clicking and dragging the center left or right), it looks like this:
  • jacobs
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    So the problem isn't that Quicken Mac isn't compatible with the macOS Split View mode, but that Quicken Mac's main window can only be reduced in width a limited amount. There have been requests int he past to have the program allow a smaller main window, but juggling all the interface elements apparently made that not easy to accomplish. And I'm not sure how useful it would be to have a narrower main window, as there's almost nothing you could accomplish in Quicken Mac without significant horizontal scrolling back and forth. 
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    Another reason to bring back the 2-line register option:

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    Note the same kind of complaint was in Quicken Windows for years.  They finally reduced the min size to pretty small 750x480, but at that size it does make almost unusable not to mention all the fixed size dialogs that would be much bigger than this size.

    People wonder why a program line Quicken doesn't have the same functionality on a mobile device, and this one of the main reasons.  Designing a GUI that can convey all the needed information on a resolution that is quite small can be a very difficult task.
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