Traditional 401K Zero Employer Match Issue

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  • The zero Employer match Uncategorized issue also happening with my traditional 401k
  • Drinkingbird
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    Seems to be some issue with 401K in general, I thought it was just my "workaround" impacted but apparently not.  The latest update from the other day hasn't resolved it either.
  • imdcareys
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    Since @System has created this thread, I will add what I am now doing to workaround the disappearing 401(k) account when zero is entered as the Employee contribution. It's technically incorrect, but the impact is negligible.

    I am entering 1 cent into the 401(k) account contribution to keep the account attached to the paycheck.
    Then in the Earnings section, I have added an "Other Earning" of 1 cent that also goes to my 401(k) account, so they offset each other to keep my 401(k) cash balance correct.

    If Quicken doesn't fix this issue, I may have 26 cents of additional income in some of the tax reports over the next year. Oh well, it is worth it to stop all the nonsense the Paycheck is doing.

    @System - If you are part of Quicken, is this issue under review for a fix?
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  • BillOKeefe
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    @System Sounds to me like there are at least two similar issues with 401k contributions setup in a Paycheck. They may ultimately be different symptoms for the same problem, but my issue is losing the Category when the Employer contribution is zero, as opposed to the "disappearing 401(k) account when zero is entered as the Employee contribution" as described by @imdcareys.
  • Umesh Patel
    Umesh Patel Member ✭✭✭
    Same issue here, the workaround is , now I am add $0.01 as an employer match, and less 0.01 fro m 401k contribution. Qjuicken need to fix this new issue started last year, oct 2022 or so.
  • TJ-Wolf
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    @"Umesh Patel" I am doing the same workaround, but my XOut in the 401k account is going to a "Clearing Account" set up as an offline cash account. Then I offset the $.01 with a payment to _401kEmployerContrib, which is a hidden investment/income category that also needs to be corrected.
  • CFBro
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    I'm encountering this problem using version R46.12, the most current version.
  • CFBro
    CFBro Member
    Doesn't seem to be fixed in the new R47.7.
  • CFBro
    CFBro Member
    Not fixed in R47.11.
  • steinbeck11
    steinbeck11 Member
    Still not fixed!!!!