Auto-adjust column width when font size is changed

Jake Westerhof
Jake Westerhof Member ✭✭
I have to adjust column widths in registers by hand in order to see the full contents of crucial columns like Amounts, Balance, etc. Ditto for the accounts sidebar.

After switching back to Regular Fonts, I have to re-adjust column widths again.

It would be incredibly helpful to have an "autofit" column widths option. Perhaps in the column customization ("Register Columns" button above the vertical scrollbar) ?

Or at least an option to "double click" on the column separators to have them autofit.

Otherwise, it is incredibly tedious to adjust column widths "by hand" in each register.

Anyone else frustrated by this? Or know of some hidden/buried feature for accomplishing this?
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  • stevewaters100
    stevewaters100 Member ✭✭

    For the first ten years I used Quicken, the column widths have always automatically adjusted any time I clicked the Windows "Minimize" or "Restore" (un-minimize) icons. Suddenly as of March 2023, the column widths of all my registers are now either way too wide to to see all the columns, or way too narrow to use all the available space. It is extremely obnoxious to have to adjust every single column, in every single register, every single time you Maximize/Restore Quicken. Did something change in a recent update?

  • break80
    break80 Member ✭✭✭

    I would like to see a button to auto-adjust columns, similar to MS Excel. There you simply double click the end of the field after selecting all fields. In Quicken I could imagine a button would work best given the current state of the user interface.

  • mychecks
    mychecks Member
    edited September 2023

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  • Eventually I figured out how to get the columns in a register to automatically adjust to exactly the space available at any given time. Go to the register settings (the gear icon in the top-right), then Register columns (NOT Register peferences), then at the bottom-left of the menu that opens there is another gear icon, then "Reset to default columns." It only took me 8 months (and trying many times) to figure that out, so I hope this helps others.