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Hello everyone,

The time has arrived for another Icebreaker, and given that we are now officially in 2023, now seems like a natural time for everyone to be reflecting on memories from the previous year, as well as their hopes for a new one. For my part, I find that whenever I do this, I think of the various seasons of the year that go by alongside those memories as well as when the plans for the New Year may unfold. So with that said, I wanted to ask: what is your favorite time of year?

For me, it's almost always the Spring. I like the cooler temperatures that seems to accompany it in my neck of the woods, and the Spring storms we often get are enjoyable as well. There's always a sense of 'newness' that seems even stronger than at the beginning of January, and I won't hesitate to mention that Easter is my favorite Holiday.

Let me know yours, if you get the chance to drop into this thread!

Best wishes,

-Quicken Jared 


  • Quicken Anja
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    I love spring as well! Season and weather-wise, it is undoubtedly my favorite time. Especially to spruce up the garden. Although this year we will probably be paying someone to do that for us since our family is pending expansion with our new little bundle of joy expected to arrive in the spring. :heart:

    I also love summer, but mainly cause the kids are out of school and there's always a road trip to somewhere planned! No destination is set in stone for this year yet, but we'll see as the year progresses.

    Cheers to a wonderful 2023! :star:

    -Quicken Anja
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  • Well hello everyone!

    Without a doubt, 100%, my favorite season is Fall. First and foremost, Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year and I choose to make everyday Halloween in my household (spooky decorations and lots of candy lol)! Next, beautiful colors are everywhere as the leaves change. I enjoy the weather as well, not too hot and not too cold. Finally, autumn is just so serene and peaceful, it brings joy in my heart and I look forward to the next day. 

    Can't wait to see the rest, hope I have some likeminded people out there! 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    RJFLYNN Member
    I really enjoy spring, as that is the time for new beginnings! The weather is not hot and you don't freeze when you go out. In other words, not too hot and not too cold! Just right for me.
  • dogwind
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    And here in California I like the rain! As long as not too much at once (like now) ! But Spring for me too...before we get the heat of our new normal, arid state, and the fire risks.
  • CartyE
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    The early Fall in New York State. It has always been an exciting time for me with a new school year starting, my Birthday at the end of the month, and the spectacular colors of the trees as they prepare for winter. I am 70+ years old and still feel the same rush when September arrives!
  • Frankx
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    I vote for Spring.  By the time we hit February, I am already tired of the cold (and often the worst is yet to come).

    I'll echo some of what others have said above - Spring with its new growth, return to warmer temps, and the call of Mother Nature to get outside more, makes it my favorite season.


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  • NotACPA
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    My favorite time of the year is anytime that we're on vacation.  The season doesn't matter ... being on vacation does.

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  • Palace
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    Like right now. Not to cold often down here in Dixieland. Love to bundle up in ole Navy Pea Jacket and hike, (fish on occasion) out in National Forest surrounding these parts. My PaPa said the deeper in the woods one wanders; it slowly dawns you've entered God's Cathedral. Soothing to the soul. Lord knows, I've found that to be true. All the more so as I advance along into those golden years. Plus, most snakes are in hibernation :wink:
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