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Is there a list of Quicken for Mac Ideas an Feature requests, that contains valid links? I found an article in this forum but the links lead to "" which seems to be a dead web service.



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    There is an index of idea threads created by @smayer97 but I'm not sure where it is now or if he's been keeping it up to date.

    You can search for Mac idea threads as follows:
    1. Click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page
    2. Click Search without entering anything in the search box
    3. Click the Discussions button
    4. Enter "idea" in the box under Category
    5. Select "Product Idea - Quicken for Mac" in the dropdown
    6. Check box Search Subcategories
    7. Uncheck Discussions and Questions
    8. Click Filter
    You can change the order presented using the Sort By popup.

    If you want to further limit the idea search, enter something in the search box and click Filter again.

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    The lists created by @smayer97 were immensely helpful in the early years of modern Quicken Mac, particularly when this community forum was hosted on a different platform which was not organized the way this one is. After switching to the current platform, some of the links have been update by smayer97, by me, and by others, but there are many which still have links to the old platform's URLs. Additionally, as is natural over time, the developers made many changes to the program and users added more feature requests. the result is that a lot of those Idea link indexes are no longer up-to-date, and a lot of Idea threads requesting specific features have been implemented in parts but perhaps not completely.

    @R1456 If there are specific features you're interested in, and want to see if there are existing Idea posts for them, you can also reply here with a short description of list of what you're looking for. I spend a lot of time traversing the existing Idea posts here and can potentially help you find topics you might be interested in (or confirm absence of threads on a topic).

    In addition the method of searching the forum which @RickO describes above, here's another search technique I use often to take advantage of Google's superior search capabilities versus the built-in search on this site. In your Google search box, enter this: " mac" followed by a few key words describing the feature you're looking for. For instance, if you were interested in an enhancement to allow changing the font sizes in the left sidebar, you might enter " mac sidebar font", and among the first few search results will be the Idea post for this feature request.
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    It is correct that I stopped maintaining that list over 4 years ago once we moved to the current forum and Quicken FINALLY saw the light after I worked on it for years, and re-created most of the same categories in this forum that I used when I first created and maintained these indexed lists.
    Original Idea Categories list:
    and the indexed list here:

    In this forum, if you click Quicken for Mac (on the right) then scroll down and click Product Ideas - Quicken for Mac you will see all the current categories of Ideas. If you bookmark that page, you can come back to it faster.

    You can then either click one of the categories and browse, or you can use @RickO's approach from anywhere in the forum and type part of the category name in the search Category field to narrow down your search even more.

    Because of limitations of this platform, there are a lot of admin type entries that are irrelevant. You can try to filter those out by selecting only Ideas under the "What to search" area (unselect Discussions and Questions").

    It is too bad that there is no filter that can only show open ideas that have not been completed (unlike previous forums).

    But I agree with and also use the technique that @jacobs uses, using the more powerful and accurate Google search feature to search the ideas. You can use the original indexed list above (second link) to use key words that might help track down an existing idea, though it is not up to date.

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