Ability to Run All Reports in your Base Currency (for multi-currency users, Q Mac)

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As a multi-currency user, I'd like to run have the option to view my reports in my base currency using all transactions regardless of which currency the transaction occurred in. For example, if my base currency is USD but I purchased items in AUD and EUR, I'd like to see these item converted to my base currency.

Currently, Quicken for Mac allows me to run my reports for All USD, All EUR or All AUD, but. there is no options to run the report for All Currencies.

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  • smayer97
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    Correct. Not available in QMac at this time.

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  • jacobs
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    The developers have said multi-currency functionality is coming to Quicken Mac. We just don't know when; it could be in a month or in a few years.

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  • quinnski56
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    I am one among many many people who have expenses in different currencies (American and Canadian in my case). In a software product as complex and useful as Quicken, it seems crazy that relatively simple functionality cannot be created to multiply transactions in one currency by an exchange rate to create a consolidated report. I called support today, and he checked with a supervisor before coming back to say it's impossible in the current software. This seems like an obvious oportunity to increase the value of the software to many users.

  • jacobs
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    @quinnski56 As noted just above your post, the developers have stated this is a feature they are either working on or have in their plans. So it's coming — it's just a question of when. (And they never share information about that!)

    And yes, it may seem crazy that you can't run a report with currencies converted to your home currency. But isn't it crazy that you can create a budget, but can't get an actual-versus-budget report through the end of the prio month? Or that there's a search-and-replace feature, but it skips any transaction with spliit lines? Or… well, you get the idea: there are lots of very valid feature ideas which have yet to be implemented.

    When they restarted building a modern Quicken Mac from scratch about a decade ago, no one — including the developers — thought it would take so long to build all the functionality users want and expect. But Quicken is complex software, and the Mac development team has a finite (and not huge) number of programmers and designers. So the good news over the years has been that the program is steadily getting better, while the bad news is that it's taking so long to get many seemingly-obvious features built.

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  • mark303
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    I also want the consolidated reporting capability across currencies. Weird that the sidebar can show the balances in home currency but not reports.
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