Dashboard graphs should allow omitting transfers - Income vs. Expenses is not useful as a result

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I have monthly transfers that are just internal bookeeping, but they dwarf the size of my actual income and expenses. Since I can't omit these from dashboard graphs like the "Income vs. Expenses" graph, the resulting dashboard graphs are just noisy chart junk, and don't actually show me anything real or useful.

Please, please, please - allow us to customize these graphs to omit transfers, as we can for reports.

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    Hello @Scheff,

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  • nycaleksey
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    This is very important and should have been done long ago. Please give users an option to ignore transfers between certain set of accounts, they have no relevance on the financial situation but distort the reporting a lot!
  • Tom39
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    I had the same problem and was getting ready to post it with pictures.

    I did a search first and saw this post about transferring into brokerage accounts. It mentioned customizing the report to prevent incorrect reporting.

    When I went into Income vs Expense graph customization, I noticed not all accounts were included in the report. Once I added in the missing accounts, my monthly income which had mysterious occasional jumps (I'd love to be making 30k per month) disappeared. My expenses likewise came into line. I was just ignoring the report the last few years rather than realizing the new accounts weren't included and that's why it was wrong.

    Hopefully that corrects the problem for you.