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How can I get _MileageChrity allocations to show up on a Cash Charity Report?

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    Hello @williamspl,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community. To assist, I do need more information. It sounds like you may be referring to a custom report. Do you recall what report it was based off of, such as Cash Flow, Cash Flow by Tag, etc? Also, is _MileageChrity a category you have created or is it a tag or something else?

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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    As with all other categories beginning with an _underscore character, these categories may be hidden by default, cannot be deleted or edited and should be unhidden when used.
    _Mileage… categories require the use of the Vehicle Mileage feature, available only in HB&R.

    Not being associated with a specific bank account, the Mileage tracking records appear only in Tax - related reports which are specifically programmed to include Mileage tax line items, e.g., Tax Summary, Tax Schedule.

    You can print entries from the Vehicle Mileage feature as a report. Customize the view to only show records for the desired time period then click the printer icon at the lower left of the view.

    Actual expenses like Parking, Tolls, etc., need to be recorded as separate cash or credit card transactions using separate categories. That will make them appear in all your reports.

    What's deductible, and in what specific tax line item … please check with your tax advisor.

    For more information please see

  • williamspl
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    Since I am using just Q Premier and manually tallying my Charity mileage, I guess I should create my own Mileage Certegy to reflect the total amount on my Cash Charity custom report. And, not get too complicated.

  • williamspl
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    And perhaps hide my _ categories that I do not use?
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    Ususally Categories that begin with _underscores are special Quicken categories like the ones for investment income.

    It is probably not a good idea to use underscores in your own categories.

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