Quicken is not working (Q Win 2016)

Dave Hurlbert
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My Quicken will not start. It begins to start but disappears. I see that you are having some kind of problem. We use Quicken 2016. What is going on? I need to see what bills still need to be paid. Dave Hurlbert - [personal info removed]


  • Boatnmaniac
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    You might want to read the thread that is linked here: How to install Quicken 2017 on new computer (edit). While it is about QWin 2017, what is said in it is also applicable to QWin 2014-QWin 2016.

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  • Dave Hurlbert
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    I'm not trying to install Quicken on a new pc. This is the same pc I have used for years. I see the post "Quicken crashing (not freezing)" that I linked earlier in this ticket. Is there any eta on when Quicken will resolve their problem?

  • NotACPA
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    Not on a product that's 7 years old and 4 years out of support.

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  • splasher
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    Will Quicken start if you hold down the CTRL key when you double click on the program icon? If so, it is a problem with your data file. Restore a backup and see if it opens.

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    I would definitely try doing what @splasher suggested.

    But if that does not work: The issue talked about in that thread that I referenced applies to QWin 2014-2017. The issue is not about a new reinstall (although that is what the person starting the thread posted about). It is about the Quicken.ini file no longer working properly with the software and that applies to any QWin 2014-2017 installation, whether reinstalled or not.

    The only known fix for that is to copy/paste a previous properly functioning Quicken.ini file over the one that no longer works. Unless you have a backed up Quicken.ini file from before when this issue affected your QWin 2016 (maybe from a system backup?) that you can copy/paste to replace your current Quicken.ini file you will not get your QWin 2016 to work again. And if by chance it is available and if that does fix the issue for you, there is no telling how long it will be before the issue resurfaces.

    There are actually quite a few different post threads in this forum over the last year on this subject and they all state the same thing.

    BTW, when there are Alerts posted in this Community they regard issues with supported Quicken products (i.e., Subscription) only. When a fix is identified only active Subscription, supported Quicken products will be able to access the fix. So whatever fix is put in place by the Quicken Team, it will not be applicable to QWin 2016 because QWin 2016 is not supported and there is no way for it to access the fix.

    Also, note that the Quicken Team will not expend any resources to fix any issues with expired, unsupported versions. For more information you might want to read Quicken's Discontinuation Policy: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-discontinuation-policy . You can try calling or chatting with Quicken Support ( https://www.quicken.com/contact-support ) to see if they might offer some assistance on this matter but don't be surprised if they don't or say they can't help.

    Sorry. I wish I had better news for you. It appears your options are limited if you do not have that previous Quicken.ini file:

    1. SUBSCRIBE TO QUICKEN AND DECIDE AFTER 12 MONTHS WHETHER OR NOT TO RENEW THE SUBSCRIPTION: If you decide to not to renew, you will be able to continue using Quicken manually for as long as your system supports it (except for Starter edition which will become read-only). But a banner reminding you to renew will take up 20%-25% of the screen and that cannot be removed without resubscribing, however it does not impair functionality. (Note: If you do subscribe you might want to shop around at both Quicken.com and other retail outlets to see where you can get the best price. You should be able to find something somewhere that is about 30%-40% off the regular retail price since you will be a new subscriber.)
    2. SUBSCRIBE TO QUICKEN AND CANCEL WITHIN 30 DAYS FOR A FULL REFUND: Before you cancel, convert your QWin 2016 data file (first save a copy of your unconverted data file just in case something goes wrong) and then export the then export and save all of your accounts data in QIF (or maybe QXF?) format. Then uninstall Quicken and download and install QWin 2013 Deluxe (for free) from Quicken 2013 for Windows and import the exported data file into that. QWin 2013 is not affected by this issue so you should be able to use it for as long as your system supports it. I've heard doing this can work but it might require some "massaging" of the data to make it all look right. Then make sure to contact Quicken to cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchasing it so you get that full no-questions-asked refund.

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  • mshiggins
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    @Dave Hurlbert when you say “It begins to start but disappears.”, what does that mean?

    Does the program close, i.e., the program is not visible on the Windows task bar? Does a crash error display? Does the program display on the Windows task bar, but the Quicken window does not open? Does the Quicken window open, but the window is blank?

    Each one of these scenarios will have different solutions so it’s important to be precise about what is or is not happen.

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  • Fletch200
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    Out of curiosity (for now) I tried the steps in a long thread that's since closed, installing 2016 Premier then replacing the programdata\intuit\quicken folder with one from my old computer. Then restoring my current data file from a backup. Seems to have worked fine. At first I took a shortcut and just 'opened' the 'current' data file with 2016. While everything seemed to be present, some amounts were WAY off. Then I just did the backup/restore method and everything matches to the penny.

    I wonder though —- I thought at some point after the Quicken ID thing came into existence that it would randomly decide I needed to be validated before I could open my data file. I never kept close track of "when" I got those prompts so it could have been after an update or something. Just wouldn't want to revert to 2016 then months later fine I'm permanently locked out. I do have a 2013 CD if necessary though.

    That's especially important since 2016 seems to not be "allowed" to pass the Quicken ID test. They seem to (understandably I suppose) block new installs of 2016 since using my existing Quicken ID when doing that just gave an error. So if I ever encountered that 'random check' of my Quicken ID using 2016, I'd be toast.

    Maybe I'll just let this sit for a while in this VM and see if it lasts. If the current version continues along the path it's on, going back to manual entry with 2016 would not be that much more difficult.

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