Large Expiration Banner is a Rude Kick in Teeth - Is There an Option?

Gibby D
Gibby D Member

Having purchased and mastered a variety of Quicken products over the past 20+ years, I succumbed to paying Quicken's annual fee for the Quicken Deluxe product. I did so in reliance on Quicken's promise to improve the product. Unfortunately, the improvements these past two years have been mostly cosmetic and/or of no value to me. In fact, the fixes and improvements I hoped for (and also suggested) never materialized. Since I can no longer justify the rather steep annual fee, I let my subscription lapse this year. Now my continued use of the product is hampered by a large expiration banner that (apparently) will only disappear if I agree to pay for bank connectivity and online/mobility features that I do not need or want. Feels like a rude kick in the teeth. I'm willing to pay a lesser fee for the same product (i.e., desktop use only, without bank connectivity). Is Quicken planning to offer this option?


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