Fidelity NetBenefits not downloading transactions (QWIN)



  • Dennis@1
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    @Ready_Ray I'm using Qmac also and have no problems downloading my 401K transactions now. I am using 'Fidelity NetBenefits' as the Financial Institution rather than NetBenefits Worldwide. You might give that a try.

  • JohnHollaway
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    There are 3 options when you search for NetBenefits:
    1) NetBenefits Worldwide - Fidelity
    2) Fidelity NetBenefits -
    3) Microsoft - Fidelity NetBenefits -

    I've tried all 3.
    1) this is what I've been using all along. used to work. Starting earlier this year, stopped reporting my HSA or Pension balances.
    2) only found my 401k and did allow detailed transactions. only downloaded a few months of transactions. Cash Balance was wrong. If I switch to non-detailed, the balance is correct.
    3) found all my accounts. Sees the pension balance at connect, but not in Quicken itself. Same for HSA.

  • Thanks Dennis@1! By connecting to Fidelity NetBenefits I was able to add my 401K and now see transactions. Not much history but going forward I expect it to work acceptably. My HSA account does not show up under Fidelity NetBenefits at this time so I am continuing to use NetBenefits Worldwide - Fidelity to correctly reflect the current balance amount. I have a separate spreadsheet where I track my HSA activities so this is not a big problem.

    JohnHollaway. agree with all three of your findings. Had the same results with Microsoft - Fidelity NetBenefits where simple (non detailed) was the only option.

    Hopefully future checks of Fidelity NetBenefits - and Microsoft - Fidelity Netbenefits will find transaction details become available for the HSA account.

  • I purchased a new subscription since it looked like the problem had been resolved. Ran the version update and then did the sync to my accounts. IT WORKS!!!! Out of 10 accounts only 2 are off by a few cents. It took a long time but thanks for fixing it!

  • JonyMo
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    Quicken Janean, @Quicken.Janean Can I get an answer to my question regarding Placeholder Transactions? As I mentioned above there are items in the in-between when this was not working that are causing the final account value to be off.

  • Not trying to rehash what has already been resolved, but I want to provide a foundation before asking my question. I now get transaction details and accurate information for my personal Fidelity IRA though Fidelity Investments Mac and my employee 401k through Fidelity NetBenefits. My employer also manages my HSA and that is what I am still unable to get transaction details for. Currently using NetBenefits Worldwide - Fidelity to have an accurate balance amount automatically downloaded.

    Anyone having success getting HSA transactional information? If yes, please specify if you are using Windows or Mac Quicken products.

  • hansenb40
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    I have an HSA and an IRA with Fidelity and I am able to download transactions. My 401K is managed by Fidelity, but I download transactions via NetBenefits. I'm on windows.

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