Kohl's Credit Card, Update Failure CC-505



  • skempp
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    I quit getting Kohl updates around 6/30/23 or so

  • mje
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    Same issue here. I finally called support and they weren't much help at all. While on hold I logged into Community Support and found this thread. Showed it to my support person and he had no idea. Very frustrating!!😒

  • kbjcnj
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    [Removed - Speculation]

  • Wendy
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    Still got the CC-505 error again today. Not sure what's going on… Must be a puzzler…

  • John W. Taylor
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    Experiencing the same issue :(

  • KimmyCA
    KimmyCA Member ✭✭

    This is ridiculous. Been going on for weeks now.

  • Hoserred58
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    looks like my last successful download was July 21. I’ve been unable to connect the last couple days getting the same CC-505 error. I

  • Wendy
    Wendy Member ✭✭✭

    My last successful download was July 26, 2023. Still getting the CC-505 error.

  • Wendy
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    Answer ✓

    Got this from a helpdesk person today. They are definitely working on it. (Ticket #10378221/CTP-7332) She also said info is being posted here for this issue:

  • kbjcnj
    kbjcnj Member ✭✭

    They've been "working" on it for over a month.

  • lemme14
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    There needs to be some kind of update at a minimum. What are we paying for? Fix this.

  • kbjcnj
    kbjcnj Member ✭✭

    It's beyond ridiculous.

  • M - N Putzer
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    Just wondering if this is even being looked at. Too long for response and getting it working.

  • wrouffa
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    no updates from Quicken. [Removed - Speculation]

    Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try
  • tpkouyeas
    tpkouyeas Member

    At least an acknowledgement of "we are aware of the issue and working on a resolution" is better than nothing….embarrassing for the new and improved Quicken 😂

  • clarpinto
    clarpinto Member

    Same issue with my connections to Kohls. Frustrating.

  • Mr Wilson
    Mr Wilson Member ✭✭

    Talked to different Kohl's customer service reps including supervisors. I'll be generous: They know nothing! When asking for tech cust service, they say it doesn't exist. Could it be that Kohl's no longer offers this service to Quicken?

    Also, contacted Quicken and got service ticket. Almost immediately got email asking for participation is survey about my closed ticket. No response to my unfavorable response.

    Looking for answers in all the wrong places.

  • ray476
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    Similar issues are ongoing with Target, CitiBank, Bank of America and others. As near as I can tell, it appears to be a desire on the part of the financial institutions to "enhance security" aka extract some kind of payment from third parties like Quicken. It also increases customer engagement directly with their website, which I'm sure is more desirable to them.

    It is happening so often now Quicken has nearly become unusable. I have given up paying the bill through Quicken completely in favor of using my bank, and more and more I can't seem to even download transactions easily. The final straw may be an issue now that misses many transactions in my Cash Management Account at Fidelity. That, along with random "Balance adjustments" that I do not enter are driving me out the door.

    [Removed - Rant]

  • johnleb
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    This problem with Kohl's giving CC505 errors when using one step update has been going on for 5 weeks. Why can't this problem be solved in over 5 weeks? It looks like quicken just doesn't care about its customers anymore or they are just incompetent.

  • ray476
    ray476 Member ✭✭

    FYI, 7 minutes after I posted my experience it was edited by an admin. I assure you it was not vulgar or anything other than relating my frustration. How dare you? What rule did I violate?

  • AJ_7
    AJ_7 Member

    I've been on the phone more than once for this. I've been a customer since 1994 and this isn't the only problem. Quicken used to be seamless but it's anything but that anymore. I've been considering stopping using Quicken before this issue but now I've decided when my subscription is up I don't need to renew. They used to be the best.

  • Dominic
    Dominic Member ✭✭✭

    I agree. It causes a lot of heart burn and anxiety! But what’s the alternative?

  • kbjcnj
    kbjcnj Member ✭✭

    I'll expect a rebate or reduced subscription fee.

  • blubkeman
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    So - I have now noticed, on this thread, admins (or someone) removing portions of legitimate comments with [removed - rant] and [removed - speculation]. Seriously Quicken? If someone is abusive, that's fine, but this particular issue that has been complained about has been ongoing for many weeks and we pay a pretty penny for (at least on the Mac side) continues to be a less than stellar product. I've actually been pretty happy with Quicken and the direction it has been going up to this very moment. If you're going to start stifling legitimate complaints, then I will move on elsewhere in terms of financial management software.

  • kbjcnj
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    Quicken needs to address the issues and stop editing truthful comments.

  • If Quicken is coming here to edit people's comments, that means they are reading the comments. So Quicken - Whoever is reading this - Can you please comment and give us an answer as to why this is an oingoing problem? Or if this is above your pay grade, please get someone to comment here that is authorized to.

  • kbjcnj
    kbjcnj Member ✭✭

    I will have to keep calling Quicken until I get a resolution.

  • I imagine the issue is on the Kohl’s side and quicken does not want to say too much

  • Per kohl’s

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