Quicken duplicating existing securities

Just in the last week or so every downloaded purchase of an existing position prompts a popup asking me to identify the symbol or add it to Quicken. Although it is already in Quicken, the list presented does not show it. Half the time if I "Add" it, there are then duplicate positions, which in one case could not be deleted. The other half of the time I get another dialog box with options to "ignore" rename or never mind I will fix it myself.

Anybody else started seeing this? Usually I can jury rig a fix but now I am left with two duplicate positions of $13,000 each, similar transactions going back years but one with a return of 8000% because of a cost basis of 0.038


  • 76ZnkAUm
    76ZnkAUm Member

    This has long been a problem that takes too much time to manually fix every transaction. Every time a financial institution or brokerage changes their reports, the security names end up written differently and Quicken doesn't handle that at all well. There needs to be a better way to match by symbol and to merge duplicates when they get created.

  • Quicken Kristina
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    edited April 8

    Hello @76ZnkAUm,

    Since it sounds like what you want is improvements to the way Quicken determines whether or not a security is new and add an ability in Quicken for Windows to merge securities, perhaps it would be beneficial to create an Idea post. Ideas that get enough votes may be implemented in future versions of Quicken. For directions on creating an idea post, please click this link.

    In the meantime, depending on which version of Quicken you use, the suggestion in this post may help:

    Thank you!

    Quicken Kristina

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