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As a seasoned Classic Quicken user, I'd appreciate an enhancement in the register functionality. It would be fantastic to have a right-click option on the payee in the register that allows us to instantly access the two manual bill pay menus if a bill pay entry exists, or prompt to create one if not. Often, I find myself needing to make adjustments and navigating through multiple menus to access the appropriate bill pay options. Streamlining this process would significantly save time for users whenever this function is needed.

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  • NotACPA
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    Are you suggesting adding this function to the menu that currently comes up when you right-click a payee?

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  • gmichie
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    Yes, that is right. If I need to update a registry entries bill pay setting there are at least 5 menu clicks I have to go through to make those changes. Then I have to navigate back to the registry to continue what ever needs to be done from there.

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