Historic Performance or Custom IRR, ROI, and Custom Graphs

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Hi! I have been a Quicken Deluxe user since 1993. I loved some features that were in Quicken Deluxe 2007 for the Mac — Customizeable Investment Graphs, Historic performance graphs, single position or grouped position performance or IRR, or ROI graphs over time. When Quicken Essentails came out, I recall being promised these things — all the feature you love will be brought into Quicken for the Mac. Unfortunately, the ones I listed are still missing, while others have been added (which I am grateful for). However, I would still like these, as well as equivalency in feature set between the Mac and Windows versions (or maybe a price differential the recognizes they are not the same product in terms of features). Does anyone have an answer as to when they will bring historic performance graphs or customizeable investment graphs to Quicken for the Mac?

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