Continued Duplication of security names

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I did not get a solution before and continue to have daily issues with Quicken for Windows creating duplicate securities during a download, and then the original security with the buys and dividends "disappears". If I click on the name it is there but does not populate the transaction list to make changes.

I cannot delete the new security so they other sit there. One with many transactions the other with only one

I have tried to "merge" the two by making all of the information identical but Q says "You already have a security with that name"


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    Hello @fp,

    To assist with this issue, please provide more information. Which financial institution(s) is this happening with? What do you mean by "the original security with the buys and dividends disappears"? Are the transactions disappearing? Is the security name changing to reflect the duplicate security name?

    If you can't delete the new security, it is most likely due to one or more transactions reflecting that security. To delete the new security, you would need to edit the transactions to show the correct security. Once there are no longer any transactions associated with the new security, you should be able to delete it.

    I look forward to your reply!

    Quicken Kristina

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    @fp, Quicken Kristina provided you with my suggested solution … to which you never replied … which is why your earlier post on this topic was closed.

    If you don't reply to suggestions, you're not likely to get much more assistance.

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    "I cannot delete the new security so they [sic] other sit there. One with many transactions the other with only one".

    You cannot delete a security that has ANY transactions in Quicken. Either change the security name of that "one" transaction to match the security with "many transactions", or delete that single transaction. 

    Quicken determines whether a security that appears in a downloaded transaction is New or a Match with an existing security based solely on the downloaded CUSIP ID. The CUSIP ID is a reliably accurate identifier for a security; no new identification is necessary.

    You can have more than one security with the same Ticker Symbol, but you CANNOT have more than one security with the same CUSIP ID.

    [You can see the CUSIP ID for securities already in the Quicken Securities List by Editing the security and clicking the "Other Info" button.]

    If you are able to Add a downloaded security to Quicken, that means that the downloaded security is NOT the same as an existing Quicken security. Quicken will not Add a security with the same CUSIP ID as an existing Quicken security.

    The financial institution is responsible for sending the correct CUSIP ID.


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  • fp
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    Sorry for the lack of reply I didn't see the email for a response

    I will outline what has continued to happen, almost always from a Schwab account

    I have NLR in several accounts for a couple of years. I just bought some additional shares in one account.

    When I downloaded the transaction Q prompts me to decide if this is an existing security ( which it is) but under the box allowing me to click on the name, NLR does not appear.

    The dialog box will not stop so the alternative is "Add security to Quicken"

    I have tried two ways to do this 1) change one letter in the "add" name so I can identify the new one.

    After I do this ( Saying dropping the "F" in the name … ETF, I have two positions one NLR ETF the other NLR ET

    Both have the same ticker, but the CUSIP number for the pre-existing ( old position) security is missing adn it is no longer linked to an online security

    The "new" NLR has a CUSIP number and different characteristics. When I change the characteristics " security type" for example to exactly match the "older NLR and then add back the missing letter in the name so all items between the old and the new are identical, Q says " you already have a security with that name. Go to transactions and add it there

    Under transactions, neither security is listed as an option for a transaction. I have deleted the new transaction for NLF ( new spelling) and then delted the information from security list, but while the old NLR is listed as a holding it does not appear in transactions list for me to add more shares, and the "matched with online secuity box" is grayed out and it has no CUSIP number

    hope you can help

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    I am not sure why your desired NLR is not appearing as a possible match. What Security Type are you using for the desirable NLR ETF security? It should not be Market Index which is intended for Dow 30 Industrials, S&P 500 and similar. Market Index types do not get listed for transaction pull-downs.

    Are you using multiple currencies? If so, are the security and account currencies correctly matched.

    and then add back the missing letter in the name so all items between the old and the new are identical,

    That’s the point. You are editing the security in the security list. You cannot have two securities in your Quicken file with the same name. You have to edit the transaction using the odd name to instead use the desired name.

  • fp
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    That is a very interesting idea. Over the may years of using Quicken I have created a number of custom security types ( Large Cap value for example)

    I don't remember the original of the current type I use for NLR.

    There are 32 available types and it is possible I picked Index rather than a blank one but it was working until recently.

    BUT this problem has occurred with other securities that I characterize as the same type, and again, the original holding loses it's CUSP ID and gets greyed out while the new "created one" retains its CUSP ID even when I switch it from the downloaded type to the same type as NLR

  • fp
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    I think I have solved the problem. The Security type I used for NLR is the old Index one; that is why the CUSP IDs are dropping off whenever there is a transaction.

    I changed the type to one that has CUSP IDs and indeed it resets ( after I delete the old security) after a transaction.

    Now I have to wait until all the others have transactions and see if the problem is fixed. I of course retrieved the "Index "lable and but it on the security type with no CUSP ID

  • q_lurker
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    It is very helpful that Quicken now presents the underlying type of security type for those cases where users have renamed them.

    That underlying type carries with it several unchangeable aspects, like interest info for Bonds or the restriction this user ran across for for Market Index.