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Today I launched Quicken for Mac and attempted to use it, and eventually after many debugging attempts which may or may not have damaged my connection settings determined that Quicken Connect was having server-side issues.

Okay, I get it - it happens. Every so often a glitch makes its way into the Matrix.

I called and eventually got through to support and asked to be notified when it would be safe to venture back into Quicken waters, but was simply told to try again in two or three hours.

What would really be nice is if the Quicken website implemented a Status Page so we can glance at that and quickenly determine if there are server side issues and check back there to see if it would be safe to proceed.

That way when we encounter problems we can quickly check to see if it would be worthwhile to attempt drastic and potentially damaging debugging actions, or if we know there's an issue can check in to see when sharks have been purged from the waters and it's once again safe to take a swim.

Thanks for listening.

— Verne

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  • UKR
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    Have you looked at this webpage? https://community.quicken.com/discussions
    It's sorted to show Alerts and other important notices on top of the list, followed by other discussions in descending chronological order, discussions with the most recent time of update listed first.

    There also are settings available in your Community user profile which allow you to enable notifications when messages are posted in certain subject areas. Notifications can be sent via email or simply as alerts made available when clicking the Bell icon in the upper right hand corner of any Community webpage.

    Meanwhile I would try to see if a recent Windows or Mac OS system software update has messed up network settings.
    A reboot of your computer, together with a reboot of your network router / modem might help.

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    There is also this section of the forum you can subscribe to for updates:


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    here's another website - when major outages happen across the entire Internet network -


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    From what I have seen this forum is down more than the "main connection" (as in the Quicken servers on AWS), and any announcements here are after tons of people have already complained.

    And then there is "connection to XXX financial institution", and you basically enter the realm that any given time there is so many ones down you would get pages and pages of them, and it even then it isn't up to date.

    I agree with the "intent" of this suggestion, and with that extend it to this.

    Quicken Inc has pushed to be in the middle of all these connections with the statement to be more proactive. Well then, they should develop an automatic system for such reporting and make it available to the Quicken users. That would take the burden off of the moderators to post such announcements that no one can really find anyways (most due to the terrible search capabilities on this forum).

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    @Chris_QPW I think the problem with developing an automated system for financial connectivity problems is that there are many reason a user experiences a problem, from something local to their Quicken data file to a temporary glitch/blockage by a financial institution, to a complete severing of connectivty due to a financial institution server modification. Even if they could somehow separate the bona fide connectivity problems from an individual user's connectivity problem, an automated system wouldn't be able to provide much information: "We have detected a problem connecting with XYZ Financial." It wouldn't be able to say why, and wouldn't provide any information about when it might be fixed. Would users find that useful? Would an automated system be able to distinguish in real-time between users being unable to connect to XYZ financial and users being unable to make any Quicken Connect/EWC/EWC+ connections due to a Quicken or Intuit server problem?

    The manual announcements — which I agree are poorly organized and less than optimally helpful due to this site — are made after someone at Quicken, or perhaps Intuit, has verified that there is a bona fide problem which requires human intervention. I do think they could host a page of connectivity problems on some website other than this site, so it could be alphabetized and otherwise designed for users to easily check and find useful information.

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    @jacobs I tend to disagree with you that this can't be automated. I see a clear way to do this, and it even sort of "what was promised". Now how useful that would be to any given user that is another story. But let me say that if they haven't already automated this for internal use, they have really missed the boat.

    Pretty much from the rewrite of Quicken Mac with the exception of Direct Connect, it was known that Quicken servers stored at least some of the transaction data on their servers.

    This wasn't always the case for Quicken Windows. For Express Web Connect there wasn't any storing of data on a Quicken server. Partial data was stored on the Intuit server (and still is), but not on a Quicken Inc server.

    In 2021 Quicken Inc put Quicken Connect Services (QCS) into the flow. And the stated reason "So, that we can proactively detect problems in the connections to the financial institutions" (not a direct quote, but basically what was said). In other words, Quicken Inc got tired of being left out of the flow and having to rely on Intuit or customers to know when something was up.

    So, the point here though is that for this "report" I wasn't talking about reports from the user's application. I was talking about this system that was put in place for this very purpose and should certainly in that part of the flow be able to tell the difference between a user problem (authorization) and a server being down. I would hope the error codes are different!

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