Can I store Quicken on a NAS drive?

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  • sadhunathan
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    Can I keep my Quicken data file on an NAS device and then use Quicken from anywhere?

    More details:

    I have homes in 2 states and currently what I do is back up to Dropbox when leaving one home, then restore from Dropbox when arriving at the other home. That is, Quicken is installed on desktop computers in both locations, and right now I just move the data file back and forth, with Dropbox or a USB thumb drive.

    Can I just use a single data file on a NAS kept at one home and access it from whichever home I'm in, instead? Or, will I still have to move the Quicken data onto a local disk drive in the computer running Quicken?

    Note that the Internet is always available at both homes, we leave it on to support the security cameras.

    Thank you in advance for any advice.
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    Quicken is not designed to handle the data file being on a network drive.  There is far too much reading and writing as you work in Quicken to ensure that there are not issues and/or file corruption.
    One of the sections responds directly to your question.

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    I suggest you consider using a remote desktop client to access Quicken instead of maintaining multiple installations and transferring data files.  I use Microsoft Remote Desktop, but there are many other options available.
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    Hi ,

    See this FAQ and comment back:

    The Question is open-ended. But to answer the Question as written, I do it all the time and works great for me.
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