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Old thread was closed, not sure why, but I still can't find how to get the connection working between Quicken and Capital One. Issue started about 2 months ago. None of the articles I can find help. I'm getting the same types of issues. No particular order on the items listed below:
1. Capital One emails indicating accounts are now connected.
2. I get an error from Quicken at the end of the process.
3. Quicken adds the accounts to my list, but doesn't tie them to the existing accounts I have. I don't want to start new accounts....

1. Unlink app in Capital One.
2. Deactivate accounts in Quicken.
3. Enter UN & PW in set for online Quicken link.
4. Keep boxes checked for accounts once Quicken displays the accounts it could find.
5. Spinning, pop, bang, whiz, pause, then a vault window pops up asking for UN & PW with a message indicating the duct tape didn't work, try back later.


  • I'm having much the same issue with downloading Capital One accounts. When it started I had a message that there was a problem probably because data had been restored from a backup. NOPE. I had not restored from a backup. It said to reauthorize the download. I did. And all that happens is a loop where I enter the user name and password in a window for Capital One. It loops to the Quicken password vault where I enter the user name and password which sends me back to the capital one window in quicken to enter the user name and password which I enter AGAIN which send me back to the password vault where I enter the username and password which sends me back the Capital One window in Quicken. Rinse and repeat as often as you want, it won't get the job done.
    I called Captial one and Capital One says they show that I have authorized Quicken to receive the data.
    Quicken is not helpful. All I hear back is their server can't communicate with Capital One.
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    Hello @spitfire678 & @tleehorneiii,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community to tell us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    Capital One is currently experiencing known issues that have been reported. Our teams have opened escalation tickets with our service provider and are still working to resolve these issues. While the investigation remains ongoing, please, refer to these two open Community Alerts here and here for updates.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
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    I'm also having problems downloading from my Capital One money market savings acct. Unlike the problems experienced by others, I am not receiving any error messages. My issue is that my ending balance in Quicken is inaccurate (shows a larger amount than actual). Normally I would just reconcile the account against my actual online balance as reflected in Quicken; unfortunately, that amount is also showing an inaccurate (and higher) amount. I know others are showing a 0.00 balance (not my issue) so I wanted to add this information to the string. Thanks so much for all your help and hard work!
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    Hi @llmkfd

    Can you tell us whether the two inaccurate balances - of both the account register balance AND the Quicken online balance are the same amount?  If so, I suggest that you page-up in the register and look at the opening balance and perhaps one of the first few entries to see if there is an entry (or entries) that make up that difference.  This entry (or entries) will likely not show as cleared. If so, you should delete them.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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    Thank you, Frankx. The amounts are all different. The ending balance shown in Quicken is ~31K over the actual bank balance I see online in my account. Meanwhile, the online balance shown in Quicken is ~85K over the actual balance I see in my account. Typically, if the ending balance is incorrect in Quicken, the online balance shown in Quicken will be the same as the actual balance I see online in my account so I can easily reconcile to that balance. Right now, Quicken doesn't seem to be reading my true online balance. It's really strange.
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    Hi again @llmkfd

    Yes, that is really strange.

    Let's see if we can address the Quicken register account balance issue first - i.e. the ~31K overstatement.  Before you start - make a new backup of your datafile, just in case. 

    First, I suggest that you go backwards from today in the account register (page up) and see if you can find duplicate entries and/or large, or unusual and unexplained transactions. As you go back in time - pay attention not only to "deposit transactions" but also look for "payment and transfer transactions" (including blocks of these) that appear to be missing, by paying attention to the date field.  Try to get back to a point in time, where the bank balance seems to make sense, and note that date.  Then concentrate your review from that date up until today.

    If you have been regularly reconciling, or at least "clearing", your register transactions I suspect that there will be entries that stick out.  You should review each of these transactions, including the "account" or "category" other half of the transaction is being posted to.  If they are obviously rogue transactions, you should delete them.  If you're not sure of the validity of the transaction - you should edit it first by adding the date of the transaction to the memo field and then changing the date field to a future date (such as 1/31/2022).  This will move the transaction to the bottom of the register and adjust the current balance.  As you go backwards, periodically compare the account balance at various intervals (e.g. once a month) to your historical balances on bank statements to get an idea of how close (or far away) you are to finding all of the problems.

    If the above doesn't seem to be working  

    On the online balance in Quicken being overstated by ~85K - I really wouldn't worry about that for now. There could be a number of causes and it really doesn't have a lot of meaning anyway, not only because you know it is absolutely wrong, but it only would come into play if you reconcile your account to it and I would strongly suggest that - because of all the issues you are having - that you only reconcile to a paper or PDF bank statement, at least for the time being.

    Let me know how it goes.


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  • I'm having similar problems with Capital One.

    I'm using the latest Quicken Deluxe desktop subscription on Windows 10. After Quicken/Capital One changed the download method around mid-November, I've been trying to correct the errors introduced with my existing Capital One MM and Credit Card accounts in Quicken.

    Whenever I try to download data from Capital One, a NEW MM account and a NEW Credit card account is added (created) in Quicken with the latest downloaded transactions instead of updating my existing Quicken accounts.

    The problem I see is that with the new Capital One-based logon screen in Quicken there is no way to link the online Capital One accounts to any existing Quicken accounts. The only option I see is to ADD an account (which is what is happening to me).

    I have searched the Quicken forums and haven't found this problem reported or resolved.

    What happened to the "link to existing account" feature with the Capital One download?
  • Correction to my previous post: instead of saying "Whenever I try to download data from Capital One..." I should have said "The first time I try to download data from Capital One using the new setup and download feature...."

    Once the NEW MM and NEW credit card accounts are created in Quicken, I don't perform any subsequent downloads. I suspect any future downloaded transactions will go into those two NEW accounts instead of into the existing "unlinked" accounts. As part of troubleshooting I usually just delete the two new accounts immediately after they are created.
  • Hello all, 

    Although this issue has not been fully resolved, we have seen more and more people being successful in connecting with Capital One now. 

    Can I have you guys Save a Backup of your file and then Deactivate and Reconnect these accounts? Here is a link for instructions on how to deactivate/reactivate accounts in Quicken. 

    Do let us know how this goes. 

    Thank you.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Ask from Quicken Alyssa @ 6:23 12/1/2021 was to try again. No luck for me.
  • I have deactivated my Capital One accounts as recommended in order to get rid of the CC-501 run-around, but nothing is working. I still get the error in trying to activate my accounts anew. Also when canceling the set-up after trying many times, the program freezes, and I have to use the Windows taskmanager to close it and reopen the entire program. NOT an improved update as far as I'm concerned.
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    OK New problem now. I was having the problem as listed above. For several months I kept getting CC-501 errors. Although CapOne indicated my 2 savings accounts were authorized, Quicken never completed the process. Today I tried again. It seemed like it was working, however, 2 new accounts were created. I was never given a chance to link them to my existing accounts. I deactivated and deleted the "new" accounts and tried again. The same thing happened. Really frustrating.
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    I've used Quicken since 1984. Quicken is incredibly unstable these days. I have the Capital One problem as well as well as a problem with PNC Bank although I think I was able to resolve that one. I'm pretty sick of having to fix these problems and in many cases delete duplicate transactions to the the data right!
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    I mentioned in my post above that I had a problem with PNC and Quicken will download the data, but it won't save the password in the vault. Quicken is broken.
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    I've had the same problem on QUicken for Mac where it continues to reauthorize. What was interesting is that Capital One sent me an email confirming that Quicken is now authorized. However, within Quicken it said that it failed.

    The fix for me was to disconnect the Capital One account and reconnect it.

    Hopefully this will hold!
  • llmkfd
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    Thank you again, Frankx. I did not see any erroneous or duplicate transactions in my Cap One money market register so I decided to perform a reset to that account only. (I have a Cap One credit card acct as well; it has been tracking accurately.) The reset worked and my MMarket register is now reflecting the accurate current balance.

    An online balance is no longer showing for that acct, which is fine for now since I'd rather see nothing there than an inaccurate online balance. However, I do hope that information will reappear later as I find seeing the current online balance for each of my accts helpful.

    RE: the online balance issue; incidentally, I also experienced problems with the Schwab connection change. That problem has been resolved using strategies shared on the Schwab incident page, however, my Schwab acct is also no longer showing an online balance for that account. Except for these two accounts, every other account I have in Quicken is showing an online balance.
  • I am having this same problem. I deactivated the online connection for my Capital One credit card. Now it will not reconnect to the Capital One. I keep receiving a CC-501 error and the have to use the task manager to stop Quicken since it is now locked and I cannot do anything.
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    When reauthorizing an existing account since the Nov. 2021 update, CapitalOne creates new accounts instead of linking them to an existing account. The new account is named "XXXXyyyy Savings" or "XXXXyyyy Checking" where yyyy is the last 4 digits of the account number. After a lot of trial and error, I found that by renaming my existing accounts to the new account naming convention, removing the previous account number in preferences and deactivating online updates I was able to convert the account. On two accounts, I had one final problem where the starting balance was modified so the account didn't reconcile correctly. I had to reset the starting balance back to zero and then the reconcile amount was accurate.


    1. Backup quicken file.
    2. In edit account details online services, deactivate Capital One accounts.
    3. In edit account details general, clear account number field and change account name to "XXXXyyyy Savings" or "XXXXyyyy Checking" where yyyy is the last four digits of the account number.
    4. Setup accounts for online access and authorize the accounts. The account will be updated but it will only include transactions for the past 3 months. I hadn't done a web-connect recently so I had to manually enter some transactions.
    5. On two accounts, the statement amount did not reconcile accurately. Fortunately, I had a backup and discovered the opening balance was changed from zero to a different amount. I reset the opening balances to zero and then the accounts reconciled correctly.

    Obviously, this was a horrible experience. It took over 10 attempts over several weeks to get the accounts to convert easily. I have been generally happy with CapitalOne online experience but this was a total fail.
  • dennisk47
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    I have the same problem. Just wondering, is Quicken/Capital One going to fix this? When the XXXX file is created, the balance is incorrect. Why? The above method may work, but this does not seem like the way the problem should be addressed. I think Quicken should resolve this so this unorthodox procedure doesn't have to be done!
  • As a programmer myself, I can't believe it is taking so long to fix the Quicken/Capital One problems if anyone is really treating this as a high priority. We keep having to pay more for Quicken and the product gets worse. Maybe if they had some better competition, they would be more concerned about the quality of their product. 😠
  • spitfire678
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    Likewise. I work for a tech company. Usually a couple reasons for the months of no resolution.
    1. Staffing shortages.
    2. Lack of technical knowledge to fix issue.
    3. Backlog of things needing a fix.

    Either way this has become laughable.