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Reconcile Startup (22 Legacy Votes)

RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
I just updated to QM2016 3.5.2. I had no problem with the new reconcile on 4 credit card and 3 savings/checking accounts. (Nor did I have any problem with hidden account re-appearing.)

However, there a several mouse clicks needed when starting reconcile that could be made unnecessary by changing the defaults that occur when opening the reconcile window:

1) On an account by account basis, have the reconcile window open to the last-used method for that account (online balance or statement balance). Comment: even though some credit cards are online-connected, I still reconcile them against the paper statement monthly. It would be nice if Quicken remembered this.

2) When using the Statement Balance method, pre-fill the "Statement Ending Date" with a date one month after the last statement ending date (rather than today's date). This is likely to be much closer to, if not exactly, the ending date that matches that on the paper statement and require fewer keystrokes to adjust.

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