Add capability to enter stock options / restricted stock grants in Quicken Mac (63 Legacy Votes)



  • AnPann
    AnPann Member ✭✭

    Stil no updates on a much needed feature for Quicken Mac

  • prbsparx
    prbsparx Member ✭✭

    Can we get this functionality added please?

  • SR71Blackbird

    Lot of us migrating to Quicken for Mac - as many have previously requested - really need ESOG, RSU wizard or the like please.

  • JDS33913
    JDS33913 Member

    This option needs to be added to the Mac version. It has been available in the Windows version for years.

  • JLB005
    JLB005 Member ✭✭

    This feature really needs to be added. Not sure why a feature with simple math continues to be excluded.

  • bgl101
    bgl101 Member ✭✭

    For those using QMac, I have a suggestion for a workaround that is working for my purposes. I have set up a seperate brokerage account (not linked), and set the account settings to keep the account separate (so we to not inflate net wealth). Then, in that account I do the following:

    • Add entry as "Add Shares"
    • Put "Date added to this account" as the grant date
    • Put "Date Acquired" as the vesting date (which is a future date)
    • Add security, cost = 0, and number of shares
    • In the memo, I format this as "[year]-[month]-[day] Grant: [grant #]", with the date details being the same as the vesting date
    • In the tag, I add RSU or PSU, etc. for correct designation / grant type

    You can then easily duplicate the record for multiple vestings under a grant, updating the vesting date detail and quantity of shares for that vesting as needed.

    Then, in the register, make visible the Memo/Notes, Security, Shares and Tag. With this, you can sort by Memo/Notes (which will put the records in order of vesting dates), and the total prospective value is made available and updated as normal.

    When the shares actually vest, I delete them in the above account when added to the actual brokerage account. It works; it could be more efficient with actual functionality on point.

  • ice
    ice Member

    Please add this. I'm a new user as of today, I put in all my accounts, set everything up and then went to add my employee stock plan just to realize I couldn't. This is a large part of my net-worth and financial planning. It's hard for me to justify paying for a tool that doesn't support it. This is a very common form of supplemental compensation and there is no reason it should not be supported. Ideally this would simply import from Carta (eshares). Here are the important functions to me:

    I need the ability to track multiple ISO at different strike prices with monthly vesting schedules as well as cliffs followed by monthly vest.

    The ability to input both a fair market value as well as an estimated current resale value. It is important to have both of these. The FMV matters for tax purposes, but the estimated resale value matters because for planning private stock sales.

    The ability to track RSUs as well for the same shares and ideally something that adjusts the value of those RSUs to reflect the taxation that occurs at an IPO or other liquidation event.

  • Lane1983
    Lane1983 Member

    Have been asking for this Windows version capability since 2014. Why is this so difficult to port over Employee Stock Option function? Make it hard to recommend this software peers without it.

  • wade206
    wade206 Member ✭✭

    Upvoting this functionality for Mac users. Much needed!

  • Nah
    Nah Member

    Just tried to vote and it won't let me. I agree this is an important feature to justify the price.

  • michael133hall

    Please add stock options… Just installed Quicken Classic, because I thought it could handle them. I was very disappointed to find out that they were only supported on Windows.


    Really disappointed that this is not available as a Mac feature. Not sure I'll continue this subscription if this isn't supported. Cannot come up with a proper P&L without it.

  • blisstar
    blisstar Member ✭✭

    please add this feature

  • jgb2000
    jgb2000 Member

    Urgent need to have the ability to track stock grants and vesting periods for employee stock programs.

  • jgb2000
    jgb2000 Member

    This option is already available in Quicken for Windows but for some reason they have never implemented it in Mac

  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @jgb2000,

    Your idea has been merged into this already active Idea thread regarding the same request.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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  • bgl101
    bgl101 Member ✭✭

    I will say it is a bit disappointing that this thread has been going for 8 years, and there is no response from Quicken on whether they plan to do anything about it. While I have a clunky workaround for it, it would be great to have the functionality added. I have to imagine a good portion of the Mac user base, as with the Windows user base, work for companies providing RSUs, PSs, SOs, etc. Unfortunately, not enough of those people are voicing the need so it seems to be understated as a requested enhancement.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Unfortunately, not enough of those people are voicing the need so it seems to be understated as a requested enhancement.

    Actually, this Idea thread now has 205 combined votes, which places in among the top-voted feature requests for Quicken Mac; I just did a quick skim of Idea categories, and I believe this one has the 7th highest total of votes among Idea threads which have not been implemented or rejected.

    The developers don't proceed exactly in order of votes, but those votes do register with them over time. Two of the top 3 voted Ideas threads (multi-currency support and lifetime planner) are now marked Planned by the developers.

    I will say it is a bit disappointing that this thread has been going for 8 years, and there is no response from Quicken on whether they plan to do anything about it.

    One of the problems with Quicken's statuses for Ideas is that there's no step in-between "Under Consideration" and "Planned". Under Consideration happens when an Idea reaches a threshold number of votes (currently 30 for Quicken Mac), and the issue is sent to the developers for consideration. Planned means the developers agree with the concept, have researched what it will take to implement, and have assigned it appropriate time on their development schedule. What's missing, to me, is an in-between status after the developers have analyzed a feature request and determined how much time and which developers it would need to implement, and agree they want to tackle it, but don't yet have a firm time for it on their development calendar. I would guess this topic of stock options/RSUs probably falls into that in-between state; that is, I would guess the developers agree with the need for this functionality but they haven't yet been able to assign it to the designer and programmer(s) with time carved out to do the work. So users are left to wait and wonder/hope it will get on the schedule sooner than later, but with no clarity about when that might happen.

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