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Add More Options to Automatic Back-ups in Quicken for Mac (22 Legacy Votes)

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There are 4 improvements that can be made to the new Automated Back-up in Quicken for Mac:
  1. allow choosing the max number of back-ups (like in QM2007 and QWin)
  2. provide option to only reminder user to create manual back-up (like in QM2007 and QWin)
  3. only create a new back-up when there is an actual change to the data
  4. add an option with the following choices as follows: 
    - save at [most, least] 'X' times in 'Y' [hours, days]

    This way, you can put either a cap in a selected time period with the 'at most' option, or a timed trigger with the 'at least' option that always makes a back-up even if Quicken is left open for hours or days at a time, as many users are in the habit of doing. And this could work well with item 2 so it either does it automatically OR generates a reminder.
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