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When viewing a budget, when noting a category which is over or under budget, it would be helpful to be able to modify the budget without completely escaping the current page and its information.  Depending on how you open the "Edit Budget" link the information on the budget can be hidden behind a locked window.  It would also be helpful to filter the budget results to show only those categories which are under or over budget, excluding and which and no values presently.
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  • Gabor Gresz
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    1. We should be able to edit the budget in the budget view without having to leave the budget view, going to "edit budget", trying to remember what we want to change / adjust. Each time I make adjust my budget it's a 3 step process for each category - seeing where I'm, going to edit budget, save budget, go back to see again how it had been adjusted in the budget view. This is pitiful. I should be able to adjust my budget in the budget view - that way I can see exactly what I've spent, etc.

    2. Another major feature is missing from budgeting - that's rollover budget. It summarizes for the up-to-date column, but what ever I've not spent should roll over to next month's budget and vice versa. 

    Those two features are making a budget really usable. Otherwise it's just an excel chart.
  • cnjamros
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    Good morning.  There are 2, I think, very important features needed for the Budget tool to make it usable.  Without them, you spend more time managing the software than managing your own finances:

    1.  Ability to carry over unspent share of budgeted amounts from one month to the next.  If I'm budgeting each month toward a large yearly expense, right now there is no way to track that without devising a workaround.  Each month I end up leaving "unspent" money in that month, and then when it is time to pay the bill, I show myself spending WAY more than my income in that particular month.

    2.  Ability to edit the budget directly from within the 1- or 12-month main screen.  If I need to move money from one category to another, right now I have to Edit Budget and remember, from memory, how much I need to adjust each category.  Because the way the window pops up, it covers the actual reporting screen... so if I want to adjust the budget to the "actual spent" amount, I have no way to see that.  It would be better if the fields in the reporting screen were simply directly editable, OR if the Edit Budget screen included the "actual spent" amount.  

    Please consider adding these features.  Without them, the budget is simply a spreadsheet and more time is spent devising workarounds than actually budgeting.

    I am THRILLED that QMac is such an improved product.  Because of it, I switched back to Quicken after many years away and I love it for the most part.  Adding these features would remove a lot of frustration that I've found with the new version.

  • Chip Osborn
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    I suggest eliminating the "Edit Budget" screen. Allow changes to a budget to be completed on the "Actual vs Budget screen. Click on the "budget number" on the "Actual vs Budget" screen and make the change to the budget. It is extremely cumbersome to use two screens when one will do. Cordially.
  • How about doing away with the crappy bar graph for the 1 month budget view and just having the same format as the 12 month view but for just one month. I really don't need big red and green bars splashing across my screen. I absolutely detest it as it now is formatted and don't use it.
  • Chip Osborn
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    As we move into 2020, I would once again like to suggest doing away with the separate budget screen. To make it much easier, each user should be able to change the budget within the actual/budget main screen. It is cumbersome and unnecessary to have a separate budget screen.

    I would like to add one more comment about budgeting. I believe many people don't budget because the moment a budget is created it is wrong. There is no way to guess how much gas, groceries, vacations or many other things will be bought within a month.

    The value of a budget is to forecast future profit or loss (Personal or Business). Therefore, actual expenditures for a month plus future budgeted items forecast the future. Example: Lets say that the months of January and February are complete. Those two months now have actual amounts spent. I change the budgeted amounts in those months to match the actuals spent. Then I review my budget items for the remaining months...March through December. Now, my "budget" becomes more accurate in forecasting my yearend profit or loss. As the months go by, I change a completed months budget to reflect the money I have actually spent and then adjust future budgets with increased knowledge of my expenditures. By the time June comes around, I know from my actuals plus future budgets that I am going to run out of money before the end of the year or have money left over.

    It would be nice if Quicken would create a button at the top of a month that would allow users to match that month's budget to that month's actuals. Right now I do it manually.

    Here's what's important about the budgeting process. Actuals plus future budgeted months equals a yearend forecast. Good news or bad news, at least a user has an early warning system to manage their money. Doing a budget without this system is a waste of time and that is why so many people don't budget.
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    Hello All,

     This Idea seems to have fallen stagnant and due to the Age of the request and lack of User Votes/Comments, will be archived within the next 7 business days.

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  • bobsully
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    This idea seems to have fallen stagnant as Quicken has not improved the issue.  The issue still exists.
  • jacobs
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    This should absolutely not be archived. I don't know how often people can post new things about the same ideas that have been expressed well already. There are a series of issues people have repeatedly be asking for with budgets, and the product manager has said some of those are actively being worked on. Until the next wave of enhancements to budgets are rolled out, none of the budget idea posts should be retired. 
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  • bobsully
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    jacobs said:
    "Until the next wave of enhancements to budgets are rolled out, none of the budget idea posts should be retired."
    Exactly.  Common sense please.

  • JayBugs
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    Just making clear that both ideas in this set of messages are still needed and are valuable missing items. Do not archive this request. Rollovers from month to month and year to year are the most important missing feature in all of Quicken!
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  • pbsaxton
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    I want budget creation the way it used to be. For the whole year, then spread out evenly for each month. Now I have to put in each month. I need to be able to see all categories at once. Can only see 2 or 2 and only 2-3 months at a time. I need to be able to see the whole year and all categories. Why is this NOT an option????
  • jacobs
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    @pbsaxton  I'm confused by your comment/complaint. Nothing has changed in the past several years in the Budget screens. Are you sure you you've clicked on Budgets, then the 12-months tab, then Edit Budget?

    This screen shows all accounts as rows, and all months as columns. You can see the entire year wide, and 20 to 40 or more rows, depending g on the size of your screen. 
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