I need to take over a colleague's Quicken Deluxe (PC) Product Version, but I have a Mac.

Which version should I buy so the info will download and be compatable?

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  • Hi, I have agreed to take over bookkeeping for a non-profit art league, which was previously handled manually.  Someone entered a years worth of transactions onto their Quicken for Windows, which I transferred onto my brand new Quicken for Home & Business for Mac.  But now that I look at the data, I want to delete it and start from scratch.  So I need to know two things:  1) how do I delete all the data, and 2) how can I get started building a new chart of accounts, so I can hand-enter all the transactions for the past year?  Is there a step by step tutorial somewhere?  Thank you!
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    WHY - since you have all the data for the year, wouldn't it be easier to just modify the data to reflect the way you want it to look....
    Also - just asking - did you review & get everything correctly transferred from Qwin to QMac - there are sometimes probs going from one world to the other -

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    Also, there is no such thing as Quicken for Home & Business for Mac.
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    There's no such product as "Quicken Home & Business for Mac". See graphic and notice that large white space to the right of Premier.
    SO, what are you actually running?
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  • Thanks YOU Jacobs!  I never would have thought to look in "Categories" for a chart of accounts.  I was able to build my own custom accounts, per your advice, and am looking forward to digging into your "handy list of various resources" to learn more about how to use this program.
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