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I would like to start a petition to tell Quicken that many of us, now that we have been using and are used to dark mode in Win10, need Quicken to supply a dark mode option as well. Quicken is the only thing I have now which is so bright (even using "grey"--and I get a headache now when I use Quicken. For me this is soon going to be a deal breaker..If other agree that they want a dark mode option urgently--please join me in saying so. Thank you
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This request has been accepted and added to the Development roadmap for future implementation. At this time there is no ETA on when this functionality will be available. QWIN-16984



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    (For Mac users who may come across this thread search for "Dark Mode," there is an existing separate Idea thread/request to implement Dark Mode for Quicken Mac: see the thread here and add your vote for it there. The status of that idea was changed in April to "Under Consideration", so there's hope this will be addressed in the future.)

    I now return you to this request for Dark Mode for Windows. ;)
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    Every vote counts!

  • Snowman
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    The frustration over the "BRIGHT" white screen in Windows 10 needs to be directed at the source and that is Microsoft.  All of the Office Programs and others only have the bright white as an option and is not good to look at for any longer than a couple of minutes.  The users should be able to decide what colors and combination of colors work best for them not be told by Microsoft "We know whats better for you".  The lack of default screen colors in Windows 10 is a disgrace.
  • Michael Dufour
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    Windows Office Apps allows a set of Office Application themes including a Black theme for their apps that is easier on the eyes (black background, white text). Is there a plan for Quicken to offer optional application themes?
  • Bob Uhl
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    I to would love to have a Dark Mode Theme in Quicken for Windows! I have been advised by my eye doctor to use the Dark Mode whenever possible.
  • MrChaChing
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    Yes, please add a dark theme.
  • jjschultzii
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    Dark Mode is needed in Windows 10. Should be triggered automatically when "Choose you default app mode" is set to Dark.
  • James114
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    I'm 64 and have trouble reading the black on white screen.
    Any chance of creating a dark theme similar to Windows 10 dark theme?

  • Camden57
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    Add me to those wanting a dark theme
  • devicenull
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    Another vote for this.
  • Please, please, please
  • HotTub
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    Absolutely! My retinas are being burned out from the intense brightness of the screen. White text on a black backgroujnd is the soulution to the problem.
  • rmatlin
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    I vote for Dark Mode
  • Dennis@1
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    Me too!
  • HotTub
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    While your at do TurboTax too since they are made by the same company.
  • thecreator
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    HotTub said:
    While your at do TurboTax too since they are made by the same company.

    Hi @HotTub ,

    Sorry, but you are in error. TurboTax is a product of Intuit, inc. Quicken Versions are a product of Quicken, Inc., not Intuit, Inc.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAtj1qpKcpI&feature=youtu.be

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  • I desperately need dark mode. On computer many hours each day.
  • Please add dark mode support! Thank you.
  • oldngrmpy1
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    Dark mode would be best, I tried voting, but number doesn't advance.
  • thecreator
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    TJ102 said:
    Dark mode would be best, I tried voting, but number doesn't advance.
    You need to click the arrow under the number pointing up.

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  • James114
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    This has my vote.
    I go blind looking at the bright white.
    I've even turned the brightness down on my monitor.

  • Does anyone know how to darken Quicken display? Since I upgraded it to 2020 on Windows 10 on 4/30/20, I am not able to do anything on Quicken without going blind!! Yes, I turned down brightness on my monitor too. I may have to ask for money back.
  • airclifton
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    Yes agreed, i vote yes..
  • Bob Uhl
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    I received an email from Quicken asking if I would provide my opinion for the Dark Mode screenshots that were emailed to me. I was not able to respond to the email since Gmail would not send due to the original email from Quicken was too much data in the pictures and would not send since it was over the data limit for email.

    From the screenshots that I did receive, I liked what I saw. I was a true Dark Mode for Quicken. Please let the developer know that I liked what I saw in the email. When will it be implemented?
  • It shouldn't ever get to this point where we're having to vote for a feature. How ridiculous. I talked to a Quicken representive about this a couple of years ago and she had no interest at all in hearing my recommendation. This is the reason why I'm not a paying subscriber.
  • The longer Quicken delays keeping up with the rest of the software world, the sooner a competing tool will emerge so we can all just switch to using that!
  • mobiledna
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    I vote yes for a dark mode. Themes would be ideal.
  • Bob Uhl
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    I vote a resounding YES to adding Dark Mode to Quicken!
  • I created an account just to say I really want dark mode for Quicken. I would be willing to upgrade from Quicken 2013 for this feature alone.