Unable to read Data File when converting from Windows to Mac

I'm trying to convert a data file from Quicken for Windows 2012. It import appears to start to work, then I get the message "Quicken was not able to read the contents of your QDF file." Now what can I do?

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  • The Keeper
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    See if this link is helpful. Pay particular attention to  the link in blue titled - "If you are having trouble converting files, follow this step"

    It appears from information in the link that you may have to install a "converter" and there is a link to do that

  • pattyleeNJ
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    Thank you for trying, but the "if you are having trouble" link doesn't appear to make sense. It talks about installing a new converter on the Windows machine, but it is on the Mac that I am trying to convert. Also, I don't see why deleting temp files on the Windows machine would apply.
  • pattyleeNJ
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    Thank you! None of the instructions I read indicated that I would need to convert on the Windows side; they seemed to imply that the Mac converter would do it! But after I got the Windows converter and ran it, I was able to create the QFX and import into my new Mac version of Quicken.
  • NotACPA
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    "None of the instructions I read indicated that I would need to convert on the Windows side; "
    That's because none of the instructions were written in contemplation of converting a QDF that was that old.
    QDF files from recent QWin versions CAN be read directly by QMac.

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  • smayer97
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    What steps are you using to perform the conversion? QMac is designed to be able to read QW2004 data and newer using the internal converter that is already in QMac; no need to download or use another converter.

    In some cases, due to some internal clean-up needed, it is best to first upgrade to QW2013 (available from Quicken for free here under "If you are converting from Quicken 2004 through 2009" ) then migrate to QMac but that is usually not necessary.

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