So where is the Quicken for Mac/Windows book/manual?

Unfortunately, this is a sophisticated product that is evolving over time, with new features added all the time. By the way, I am not a new user, but this is the only category that fit the question.

It would be great if there was a manual of some kind, online/paper, blog that describes ALL of the features, with all nuances, cool tricks, keyboard shortcuts in one place.

I do not believe there is a current one anywhere, and I feel there should be.

I have been using Quicken both Windows in recent years, and now Mac, and it is a great product, well worth documenting, and deserving of a manual.

I know many of you will say, there is a YouTube video, but is it up to date, with the latest features? Probably not.


  • jacobs
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    Sadly, Quicken -- like many software developers -- has long ago dropped the considerable expense of producing detailed user manuals. And in an era of continual updates, user documentation would need ongoing revision. The onboard Help is the closest anything comes at this point, but it's far from a detailed manual documenting every detail and option in the software. 
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  • Gary Vandeman
    Well. Where is that user information?
  • NotACPA
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    Well. Where is that user information?

    Have you taken a look at HELP, the F1 key?

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  • smayer97
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    Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive guide online or elsewhere for Quicken for Mac. Instead, for the most up-to-date and complete compilation of resources available for QMac, check out the following Quicken Mac FAQ: Where to find a Help Guide

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