How do I turn off cloud synch. I do not want to use it at all.

After successfully using Quicken for over 20 years, One step update has now taken over and occasionally screws up my data. How can I turn it off completely?

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  • splasher
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    One Step Update (OSU) and Cloud Sync are two very different things.
    OSU is the process where Quicken connects to your financial institution and downloads transactions into your accounts for acceptance.
    Cloud Sync is the process to put information in the Quicken Cloud Account so that it can be viewed and manipulated via QMobile and/or Q-Web.
    You need to describe what you are trying to eliminate and then someone can help you.
    Balls in your court.
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  • qFish
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    If I intend to utilize Quicken only for checking accounts and expense budgeting and would rather not store the data in the cloud. Therefore if I do turn off Quicken Mobile and Web Sync will my transaction data and budget values still be stored in the Cloud? Also will this disable the ability to download QFX format information from my bank accounts? I want to retain the convenience of QFX file download capability but not have all my data stored in the cloud. Please advise
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    If you re-read the replies of @splasher & @Boatnmaniac , it appears that your questions have already been answered.
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  • splasher
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    The one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the data on the aggregation servers used by Express Web Connect download connections.
    See this article, , about what happens in that process, this data is completely separate from the Quicken Cloud Account syncing used by QMobile/Q-Web.
    If having that data stored on an aggregation server bothers you, don't make any EWC connections.
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